Using the Ignite TV Modem/Gateway in Bridge Mode

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Re: Using the Ignite TV Modem/Gateway in Bridge Mode

@liquidneon  You lose access to some Wi-Fi settings as soon as you start using the Ignite Wi-Fi mobile app and the web portal.  You will lose access to even more settings when you install Ignite Pods.


If you switch to Bridge Mode and cannot statically assign Wi-Fi channels, it's not the end of the world.


However, if you do want to break the link with the Ignite WiFi Hub back-end, first, stop using the Ignite Wi-Fi apps.  As soon as they sign in, the Ignite WiFi Hub back-end will take over control of your gateway.  Also, unplug your Ignite Pods.


As far as I know, the only way to regain control of your Ignite Gateway is to perform a factory reset.  On the XB6 gateway, you will see a reset pinhole; insert a paper clip and keep the reset button depressed until the unit resets.  If you have the new XB7 gateway, I believe that you need to press and hold the WPS button for 15+ seconds until the unit resets.


Next, perform the basic setup again using a web browser.  Connect a computer to the gateway (using an Ethernet cable, if possible, or through your own router) and go to


Some have reported that the Ignite WiFi Hub will try to regain control of your gateway again following the reset, and even restore your old settings if you get a new modem.  If you cannot break the link, you will need to contact Rogers for assistance.

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Re: Using the Ignite TV Modem/Gateway in Bridge Mode

ahh OK - that's what I was missing. Thank you for the info. Saturday night I unplugged all pods, factory reset XB6 and still ended up in the same place with greyed out control (likely cause of the ignite internet app which i did NOT uninstall). All good for now... new router seems to be a lot more stable than the XB6+pods even without manual channel selection. WiFi signal power not as strong in some places, but latency has improved everywhere, so it's still worth using my own quality router. 

Now just waiting for Rogers to address the latency/noise issues at the community/neighbourhood level and I will be a happy customer!