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Unable to login to Ignite TV on any computer.

I've been around

I already reset my password & cleared my cache & browsing history on all browsers on all my computers. I still get the error message: "! Sorry! Something went wrong. Please try again or check back later. " I've had this error for 2 weeks now




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Re: Unable to login to Ignite TV on any computer.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@robpasia Which web browsers are you using and, do you have any ad blockers, privacy extensions or other content blockers active?  Whenever I test with any such extensions installed, I cannot get the Ignite TV web player to load.  Same goes for browsers such as Brave, which not only have embedded content blockers active but also employ countermeasures to thwart browser fingerprinting as well.

Re: Unable to login to Ignite TV on any computer.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@robpasia : To expand upon what @-G- stated, here's a list of things to check/try - link below.  I see that you've tried some of these, but please go through the entire list to try any applicable tips.  One almost sure-fire test is to use Incognito mode in Chrome or Private mode in Firefox or Edge.  This bypasses any bad cookies and/or cache which is often the problem.  Also, disabling extensions often helps.


If, after trying all of the above, nothing works, then I suggest you PM the mods on this forum by clicking on @CommunityHelps when logged into this forum and sending them a message because there may be something amiss with your account.


Have you tried using the IgniteTV app on a phone or tablet?  If it works there, then the account would probably be OK and it's a browser/computer problem.

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