Toober app on ignite tv,

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Toober app on ignite tv,

Just a quick question to those who may know more than me. Last week I received my regular email from Rogers discussing the latest things to watch. What caught my eye was the app they recently introduced called Toober, which interested me. I read the blurb about the app and even watched the intro video but nothing about paying came up. So I’m asking is this a paid subscription app or does this come free with our ignite subscription. Thank you.



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Resident Expert
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Re: Toober app on ignite tv,

@Dire  Toober is not a free service.  The app is available on the Ignite TV set-top box but like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, etc., you need to be an active subscriber in order to be able to access the service from the app.


When you launch the app, it will provide instructions on how to sign up.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Toober app on ignite tv,

That being said, I am really hoping Rogers introduces an option to hide apps from the apps menu soon. Many of the apps that are there now are ones I will never use (like Toober) and all they do is clutter the screen. Would be nice to add a "favourites" app feature and allow you to display only those. 


Soon we will have 50 apps there of which most of us will only use 4-5.