Switched to Ignite Internet from Bell and can't see NAS

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Re: Switched to Ignite Internet from Bell and can't see NAS

@ST62  What is the IP address that you use to connect to the NAS?


There are two ways to go about fixing the problem:

  1. Reconfigure the "Local IP Network" on the Rogers modem to match the settings of your previous network.  Everything should then work as it did before.  The downside is that this may confuse and complicate future dealings with Rogers Tech Support (and others here in the Community) because your network settings will have changed from the defaults that everybody else is used to.
  2. Configure one of your computers so that it can (once again) talk to the NAS to reconfigure its network settings and assign it a new static IP address.  You'll then have to reconfigure your computers to connect to the NAS with a new IP address.