Stop recording same show at different times

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Stop recording same show at different times

It's really annoying that when you record all new episodes one show at 9pm, it records ALL NEW episodes of the show at all different times, not just the one at 9pm. So this means I get multiple recordings including "new episodes" that are actually old episodes. Also, if you record a show, it also records others even if the name isn't exactly the same, and also at different times. The guide seems to think that some previous episodes of previous seasons are "new episodes". I miss the Nextbox where you could just record that one show at that one time and not recordings from other times during the day. Is there any way around this??????????


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Re: Stop recording same show at different times

@Mel93 : Yeah, the Rogers IPG has been a real pain regarding the "new" modifier.  The only thing I can suggest is to do single instead of series recordings, or keep deleting the duplicates after you've watched.  Here's a thread on IPG issues where many more issues are discussed. See posts 1, 3, 15, etc.

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Re: Stop recording same show at different times

And the old Netbox4 you could record new shows "this time slot only". So if you had a show on weekly on Thursday at 10pm you could tell it new show Thursday  10pm only. 


We need this added to Ignite.


Networks/channels, especially Discovery, History and OLN, have a habit of rebranding the same show and marking it as "new".


Perfect example: Pawn Stars. They rebrand it "Pawn Stars: Pumped up". Same episode except they add some graphics on the screen with more information. Now it is a "new" episode. NOT !