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Sony XR-65X90J remote to control Ignite TV box?

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Hi there.


I have a Sony XR-65X90J TV that I've been using with the legacy Rogers Digital TV 4K STB. Using the supplied Sony remote (RMFTX621U) I was able to control most of the features of the Rogers Digital TV 4K STB, such as power on/off, volume, guide and DVR recordings.


I recently had the latest Rogers Ignite service installed with the new Ignite TV and remote. When I try and use the Sony remote to control the Rogers Ignite TV box, it will only control the on/off, volume and guide, but nothing else. I was hoping that it would also control/give me access to the saved recordings.


Does anyone who has the same Sony TV and Ignite TV box been able to figure out a way to get the Sony TV remote to control/give access to the saved recordings? Is there a button on the Sony remote that I may have missed? Or, can someone let me know the process of how to program the Sony remote to open more control features of the Ignite TV box? I'm trying to avoid having a bunch of remotes lying around.


Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


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Re: Sony XR-65X90J remote to control Ignite TV box?


Hello, @Radar2000


Thank you for posting your concern to the community.


I can understand your desire to have one remote instead of multiple. Regrettably, there may not be a way to access the PVR section of the Ignite TV service as you need to press the "Rogers" button to access it. This functionality is most likely not available on the Sony TV remote. We would recommend using the Ignite TV Voice remote for the best experience with the service.



Re: Sony XR-65X90J remote to control Ignite TV box?

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Resident Expert

Yes,, it's also the Rogers IgniteTV remote that I use whenever watching "TV".  It can be programmed to turn the TV on/off and volume up/down/mute and perhaps the input.  It can also be programmed for an AVR for on/off, volume up/down/mute.  It also has the advantage of voice commands which has many advantages and makes watching, tuning and searching very easy, even for apps that you have with Rogers, like say Crave, Disney+, etc.


I can see why someone would want to perhaps have a different remote to control their devices, like a Harmony remote or their TV or AVR remote which they may be used to.  Unfortunately there are now numerous functions that are only available on the Rogers remotes.  It's sad that Rogers (and Comcast , from whom Rogers licenses this technology) could not include buttons like "List," "Guide," and "last," which are very useful and would preclude the many button presses required with the current Rogers IgniteTV remotes.


To access the recordings or guide or last channel or CC, etc. it is possible though to use the voice command, which is one button press and a word or two.  (Last can also be accessed via the large back arrow, but still requires more than one button press.)


The more I use the voice commands for such functions, the easier it gets.  My wife is especially happy with the voice commands.

Re: Sony XR-65X90J remote to control Ignite TV box?

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For the 1% of the time I MAY need to use other remote, avr, DVD, TV, I 100% love and use the ignite remote because of the voice commands. Wouldn't have it any other way. 


I would be lost trying to skip ahead 3 minutes past commercials.

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