Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

I've had it for a week now and the non 4k channels look like the regular nextbox imo.  I could only find 2 4k channels so far in the guide, my package doesn't have TSN2/TSN2_4K.  The regular TSN 4K isn't a 24 hour channel like Sportsnet 4K.  It usually shows in the guide but says " Next event is (Date+Time) The raptors game is on tomorrow night FYI.  Thursdays past game was on Sportsnet 4K (It looked really good as compared to the regular Sportsnet feed).  Blue jays games are broadcast on Sportsnet 4K and its really amazing.  Everything looks crisp and colors are bright,  simple things like the grass on the field when the camera is zoomed in on players. It's the closest thing to actually going to the game.  Sportsnet 4K is basically Sportsnet Ontario broadcast in 4K 24/7.  Even the Stanley Cup Final is broadcast in 4K and it looks really good. Switching between regular Sportsnet and 4k you could see the difference in picture quality...  The box doesn't support HDR but it recognizes that my TV is HDR capable.  (Maybe HDR could come in a future update?) If you like the Jays, this is a no-brainer.  I'm in Toronto and we just got it in my neighborhood. There have been a lot of Rogers trucks on my street recently... EVERYONE has it now 🙂  The guide is strange and takes some getting used to. I tried pluging into my Xbox One X to use micorsoft's  OneGuide, their guide is the traditional giude it looks like the old school nextbox but unfortunately the xbox hdmi input is only 1.4, negating the whole 4k quality upgrade for the one channel fyi

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

@KingTurbo_Fox wrote:

Thursdays past game was on Sportsnet 4K (It looked really good as compared to the regular Sportsnet feed).  Blue jays games are broadcast on Sportsnet 4K and its really amazing.  

Only the Jays home games are 4K.  The away games on SN4K are upconverts.  The next 4K game is June 4.  The schedule link is below and one needs to click on the individual days to see what's available in 4K.  It shows the 4K channel near the top if it's 4K, and doesn't if it's not.

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

@jjjjy7 wrote:

I currently have Digital VIP cable (I was grandfathered), CRAVE, Hollywood Suite, all the time shifting channels and Internet 150u with mesh network.  I am paying $150 per month.  My contract ends very soon and despite my best efforts, I can't get anywhere near that price for a new contract and would have to shift to the Premier package as they won't allow me to continue with VIP.  Rogers is offering me free installation for ignite and 1g internet for about the same price I would be paying if I stayed with Digital cable.  My question:  given the troubles that so many are having with Ignite, should I make the switch?


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NO... plain and simple

Just read this forum

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

No.  I want so badly to tell you, yes, but my experience tells me no for now. When it works it's a nice service. The other 90% of the time will drive you batty! I have canceled Ignite TV twice. The first time was about 2 weeks after install.  While I was waiting a few days for the return boxes to arrive to ship Ignite TV back, I decided to try it again.  It took 24 hours to turn back on as they can't magically do it like Digital cable. This time it worked a little better.  But still not like my old reliable 4k Digital box.  Anyway fast forward a month and it's the most frustrating service once again.  It cut out during leafs games and the Survivor finale. I had a tech come out and replace the modem.  No difference.  I called for another tech but they said it would be 4 days without internet/tv before someone could get here to my Newmarket home.  Even when I told them that I had been a Rogers customer for 30 years!  So at that point, I said cancel it.  I went to the store and put a Coda modem back on.  I am now having troubles with it and even after 2 more visits this weekend, a new line and a new modem the internet still cuts out repeatedly.  I am now looking at other companies but they use Rogers lines so it's pretty frustrating. Bell can only provide 50 Mbps to my neighborhood so that 's a problem.  The Ironic thing about all this is that every time I went to the Rogers stores for over a year to try the Ignite TV it never worked.  When I switched back to digital the Ignite TV was finally working at my store.  The employee I talked with said it just started working after 1.5 years!  Lol.  

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

Very simple ... DON'T DO IT.  Worse decision of my TV life. What a horrible service.  Internet goes off and on.  Makes me miss dial up. Horrible horrible horrible

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

@Spatcher wrote:

Very simple ... DON'T DO IT.  Worse decision of my TV life. What a horrible service.  Internet goes off and on.  Makes me miss dial up. Horrible horrible horrible

I agree 100%


As I have said in this forum so many time, being on ignite TV from last Nov and have nothing but problem.

I know it works perfectly for SOME but not rest of us....

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

Hello, @Spatcher


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


It's disappointing to hear that you've had such a negative experience with our Ignite TV service thus far. =(


From what you've described, it sounds like there may be a signal issue affecting your line. We'd like to investigate this for you and see if there is anything we can detect on our end. Please send a Private message to @CommunityHelps so we can gather your info and get started. Not familiar with our Private messaging system? Click Here for details.


Any other users in the Community who are experiencing issues with their Ignite TV service please feel free to reach out to us as well so we can investigate it for you.


We look forward to your response!




I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?


My family has been with Rogers for over 20 years and I have never ever seen such a garbage implementation by this company! They want to keep up with the market but they don’t have the stuff or resources to do so.

I am currently writing this review utilizing my data through my data plan on my phone while I am at HOME - where I should be using my WiFi.

And why? Because ignite sucks!

Let me give you a timeline of my horrendous experience with this so called “up to date service”:
- I opted into ignite about a month ago
- previously I had an alarm system for our home which worked through our phone modem and a home security camera system which worked via Ethernet connection.
- the uneducated technician (which Rogers outsourced through a 3rd party company and claims is a specialist) came to our home and ripped out all existing wires and set up the ignite services.
- after installation at the time he tested everything was working we noticed our alarm system was beeping steadily (which happens when there is no connection) and our camera system was no longer displaying a live image
- the tech was primarily concerned with making sure the services he installed were working and left.
- my appointment that day was at 8am and after the tech left my family tried to trouble shoot on our own to get our home alarm system and camera system working because we knew these guys and nothing helped
- we finally decided to contact tech support and they tried for a bit to fix the issue and again no luck
- we contacted ignite “concierge” eventually and I want to point out that THIS IS NOW 6PM ON THE DAY OF INSTALLATION - to tell them that it was a failed installation and they have left our home vulnerable
- they sent another tech which they claimed was ever “above” the original tech the next day who again was useless
- so I call “concierge” once again to let them know that something needs to be done because all of our Ethernet connected services are no longer working
- their response to the ENTIRE WASTE OF MY FAMILY’S WEEKEND IS: “it was your responsibility to advise us of the devices you had running with our modem” - I just completely lost it.
- fats forward now we ended up with customer cares who finally escalated to the office of the president and advised someone would contact us within 72 business hours
- one week later when we finally received a call we were scheduled another tech appointment, but this time one that included a Rogers hired tech and one from their outsourced company.
- we had 2 individuals come out once again who spent 2 hours fixing the issue and connecting our devices with their modem and at the end apologized for the negligence for the previous technicians claiming they should have know how to fix the issue.
- now it has been 2 weeks since everything was finally rectified and I can honestly say today that the issue still remains. However I am just at the point where I just don’t even want to deal with these guys anymore and don’t have the time or patience to call in anymore because NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING and honestly YOU ARE JUST BETTER OFF NOT SIGNING UP FOR THIS OR PORTING OUT IF YOU ARE SUFFERING.

- good luck to anyone that has to deal with Rogers.

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

This will seem like I am trying to defend rogers here.. and trust my I am not.
From what I have seen.. 75% of all the bad Ignite experiences from users on here, almost ALWAYS seem to stem from bad technician setup.

If there was wired ethernet stuff plugged into the old modem, when the new one was put in, they should have at least re connected anything that way.
Same goes for the phone.  If there was anything special plugged in with the old stuff (say a splitter to split between phone and one line for the security system, or if it just goes right to the demarc), should just plugged back in there again.

But unfortunately... their job is to set up the modem (and in this case the TV boxes, etc as well).  And to ensure that its working, can get to the internet, etc.
Any other hardware or devices which connect.. in the end its up the to USER to connect, configure, etc.
These guys dont have a lot of 'computer' knowledge generally, and in no way could necessarily know how to setup/configure these things. 😞
And this doesnt go for just rogers.   This would fall for Bell or any others as well.  Sometimes you get a tech which knows a little more, willing to go above and beyond.  But in most cases its not part of their job.


This could have happened, switching to ANY other service.

All that being said, that is why myself and some others like Datalink and other regular users offer their time here (for free).
Some of us are well experienced with rogers systems, and also have other computer and other systems backgrounds.
If your willing to share more information as to what is still not working, and willing to provide some extra details, pictures, etc, we may be able to help.
(you might want to do it in its own message thread, rather than this one.  And feel free to tag me with @Gdkitty so I get a notification)