Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

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Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

I currently have Digital VIP cable (I was grandfathered), CRAVE, Hollywood Suite, all the time shifting channels and Internet 150u with mesh network.  I am paying $150 per month.  My contract ends very soon and despite my best efforts, I can't get anywhere near that price for a new contract and would have to shift to the Premier package as they won't allow me to continue with VIP.  Rogers is offering me free installation for ignite and 1g internet for about the same price I would be paying if I stayed with Digital cable.  My question:  given the troubles that so many are having with Ignite, should I make the switch?


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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

Hey there @jjjjy7!


I see you've been a part of the Community Forums for quite some time, so thank you! And what a great first post! 👍


I actually used to have Digital VIP myself and I loved it, so I certainly understand why taking the plunge to Ignite TV would cause you some hesitation!


Being that Ignite TV is still pretty new to the scene, there are still some improvements to be made, but for me, it hasn't been enough to cause me any sort of regret or disdain. I understand that everyone's experience has been different and opinions will vary.


Community!--We'd love to hear your input on how your experience has been since switching to Ignite TV! @jjjjy7 needs your help! 😁



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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?


I switched to Rogers Ignite TV but its not for everyone (yet).
Rogers Ignite TV is excellent when it works!  I like the the new guide, remote/voice controls, downloadable app, apps/Netflix integration etc.   


Unfortunately, my experience was sour for almost 3 months.  Rogers Ignite TV concierge and Tech did their best unfortunately they could not fix my problems with their tried and proven solutions.  I was getting regular cutouts, issues with DNS routing, freezing, etc.   From the very beginning, I had nothing but problems.   Diagnosing the solution required me to try many different things to narrow it down to a solution.  If I did not have experience in this area  I would have switch to a competitor.   

As soon as they left the house, after installation, the problems began.  I was getting freezing and cutouts.  My son's gaming unit was experiencing the same (even though it was hard wired).  After several reset the modem, reset the STBs, I explained to them that the extenders were not a good solution for my home.  I have a large area and finished basement.  The extenders were not reaching those areas with a strong signal.  I had used my own Asus 3200 router in the past with no issues.   After installing the Ignite modem, they had added these extenders and removed my router.

 They suggested Mesh.  I disagreed because Mesh generally does not do as well as a powerful router.  Besides, I was having issues with my hard-wired connect too!  Mesh would do nothing for that.   I suggested they upgrade my service from 100MB to 500 MB.  After the upgrade, the problem persisted.  I then removed all the extenders and added my Asus router.   I retained the Rogers Ignite TV modem (and wifi) for the STBs and exposed the router to DMZ.   I then moved all my other devices to the Asus WIFI and attached the PS4 ethernet cable to the Asus router.

This all worked really well.   My lagging for PS4 disappeared.  My STBs worked much better but not perfectly.  I would get cut outs less often but still got them.   I suggested they change out my modem.  They repeatedly felt that they should send a tech out (who just tested my signal strength and wondered why I removed my extenders).  I had to explain every time that signal strength was great.   I was only having problems with the STBs and I suspected a modem issue (because there were errors in the modem logs).   After 2 1/2 months I finally convinced them to send a new modem out with the tech (just to amuse me).  The tech did come out to replace the modem but made me put all the extenders back in.   Once he left, I removed all the extenders and put the Asus router back in DMZ and reconfigured everything.

Everything has worked perfectly since then but with a lot of legwork on me.  I had to either call or chat with them almost two dozen times.  They were gracious to rebate some of my lost enjoyment of the service but I think they really need the techs to learn more (as the service becomes more mature).   I eventually got to talk to a tech named "Alex" who was wonderful and understood the issue.  He helped greatly in finally getting a resolution.

My mom wanted to upgrade her service and consolidate her Bell phone with Internet and TV.

I gave Rogers another chance with her configuration.  Why?   They had been nice during my struggles with my service.   Her home is 1000sqft.   She has only a couple of devices (and one TV).   She did not even need an extender.   Her Ignite TV service worked beautifully the first time.   No problems.

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

A few things to consider-
A few of my friends and clients switched to Ignite tv and I was fortunate to have access for a number of weeks; I was able to discover how the system worked.
This is what I found:
1). there was a clicking sound coming from the modem; it would make a clicky noise four or five times then stop then start again - that bugged me.

2). I noticed the sound would disappear whenever I’d pause it, or reverse or go forward; when it resumed 90% plus of the time no sound but picture kept going. Discovered if I paused and started again or rewound then started it usually would correct itself.

I think (for me) these are glitches that need to be worked out. Another friend of mine called about the service and was told ‘yes, the modem makes noise and we’ve had a great deal of complaints about it’; others will say they’ve never heard anything negative from customers.

An individual decision for sure.
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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

I was thinking that this change over is a bit of deja vu of Navigator change over.  We seem to have about a year of feedback now on the good, the bad and the ugly of Ignite TV, covering basic installation with Euro add-ons, telephone.  We haven't heard much on the security system functionings.


We also have many happy people, but a whole longer growing level of issues and problems one would expect with a product that was again, put out too soon and now is in the debugging period - like buying Windows OS when it first comes out, or waiting a year - lots of people always waited or tested on one device or two.  If you take Ignite as currently is, you seem to be stuck with living with the development of a more stable product.


Maybe a group of energetic users of Ignite could review through all the reported issues and status of these issues and as was done with Navigatr, build a good the bad and the ugly.


That list did eventually mostly get dealt with over time, but let's be honest, it also required media pressure, lots of posts here, and ultimately a creative person who bought a few Rogers shares and went to the annual general meeting and asked questions about the issues of Navigatr.  We at least hear that some of these issues are now in a larger list to be dealt with in an upcoming version upgrade, but it would be great if this thread could collect the summary views of a larger group of people in order to allow people to make an informed decision,


Include topics like the inability to move back to digital, not able to move email back and port number back and comments on refusals of deals which make it a risky situation for current users to make the swap up when they may find that it is not what they hoped for and just want to go back.  It needs to be easy to know the strengths and weakness of the product and the strengths and weaknesses of the old product we know.


Just a suggestion.  This thread is a perfect place.

Keep them coming.


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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?


Include topics like the inability to move back to digital, not able to move email back and port number back and comments on refusals of deals which make it a risky situation for current users to make the swap up when they may find that it is not what they hoped for and just want to go back.  It needs to be easy to know the strengths and weakness of the product and the strengths and weaknesses of the old product we know.


What is the issue related to not being able to move email back and port number back?

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

So we recently Upgraded our Internet to the Rogers Ignite Gigabit 1GB package and that has been great so far getting good up/dl speeds,  wifi has been flawless .were looking to switch over to the New Ignite TV Service was just wondering peoples reviews and thoughts on it. Hows the Picture Quality in 1080p and 4k. Mainly watch sports and tv shows so looking to take advantage of the 4k Sports Channels it offers and all the cool features it comes with. Im in Hamilton Ontario area so im not sure how the service is here? 



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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

@david_cimini12 : I have the following comments:


1. There are a fair number of threads in this forum discussing the pros and cons of IgniteTV. I suggest you read a few of the recent ones as there is lots of feedback there.


2. IIRC Hamilton has Motorola equipment (if on Rogers) and is only recently starting to roll out IgniteTV to various areas.  If you are an "early adopter" type of person, then feel free to switch. If not, I strongly suggest you wait for a while, especially in light of the numerous issues that have been reported with IgniteTV on this forum

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

Service shouldnt really change from location to location.. as long as  your internet is good.
As long as its stable.  Good speeds. Consistent.   And that your wifi is good.

Personally from what I hear on here.. i think 2/3 of the complaints stem from people having bad internet/wifi.. the product not being set up properly, etc.  (Still rogers fault, the techs not doing their job properly)

IF everything is set up well, it should run well.

As for picture quality.   I dont run 4k, so cant comment on any of that.   To me, the picture quality, on my 1080p samsung LED.. is the same as it was on my Nextbox 3 box.

Some have said the quality is worse, etc.   The internet quality will come into play.. if its a poorer connection at the time.. its like netflix where it will slow down the stream to a lower bitrate, causing a lower quality.
For everyday TV, i have not run into this myself.

Now... there have been some PVR issues.
Its a cloud based PVR.. so nothing stored at the house.   Its all stored rogers side.
There have been some quality issues on playback, only really during peak times.  Like the servers were overlaoded?
Now, I havent really seen the quality issue over the last week or so.. so they may have partially rectified that.
There are some issues with the FF/RW where it doesnt seem to actually stop at the right time, skips to far ahead, etc.  Thats still there... apparently needs a firmware update to fix.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

thanks thats what i have been doing 

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