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Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

I Plan to Stick Around

I currently have Digital VIP cable (I was grandfathered), CRAVE, Hollywood Suite, all the time shifting channels and Internet 150u with mesh network.  I am paying $150 per month.  My contract ends very soon and despite my best efforts, I can't get anywhere near that price for a new contract and would have to shift to the Premier package as they won't allow me to continue with VIP.  Rogers is offering me free installation for ignite and 1g internet for about the same price I would be paying if I stayed with Digital cable.  My question:  given the troubles that so many are having with Ignite, should I make the switch?


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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@ang10 wrote:
It's horrible. And the guide options are awful you can't see if anything is recording on the box. The Flex channels, should be able to pick any that I want, should not have to pay for extra. Cant see call display, so many random calls at my home. Nothing positive to say. Slow at times switching channels, freezes on channels, not impressed.

I agree, they really need to work on the Call Display part, thats one thing I am major missing from  the previous. 
I THINK that Comcast does have this feature available on their boxes (who rogers have bought the technology from), so it should be something they cant activate here.

I know channel changes do take a second or so longer than on digital.
This is due to the nature of how the tech works.   On cable, most of all the channels were being pushed to the box all at one time, live.   With this, the channel change has to start a new stream for the new channel.  But really shouldnt take more than 1.5 seconds maybe?  If it is, something else is going on.
That you say you have FREEZING on channels as well, its most likely you are having a signal issue to the box itself, or that there is something else up on the internet itself, causing the slow downs.    Since the TV is internet based, if there is any problems there, it will cause issues on the TV as well.

Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Gdkitty wrote:

@Jaxxxon wrote:

I completely agree.  I have FAR FEWER stations, and the on demand library is gone.  I had this installed this week, and called to complain today, and to see what else they can offer.  Nothing.

Compared to some of the older packages on digital, vs the newer ones in Ignite, dont always line up 1:1.
So depending on what package you chose, might have less channels.  You might need to change packages.

But generally, ALL the channels should be available in some form.

Only thing that I am pretty sure you cant get on the ignite, are the Stingray music channels.

I think that depends on the package that you had on Digital.  Premier on Ignite is pretty much the same as what was available on Digital Cable.  However, the lower tier packages are now quite different.  If you switched from any Digital package to Flex 20 + Sports on Ignite, you would notice many missing channels.


Stingray, it is available on Ignite.  It's included with Premier and available in a Theme Pack with other packages.  However, Ignite TV does not carry any Radio channels.


Also, back in July, Rogers removed the US networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX, etc.) from all Ignite bundles but they are still available by subscribing to the Prime Time theme pack.


As with Digital, you only get access to On-Demand content for the channels that you subscribe to.  If you no longer get a particular channel, you will also lose access to that On-Demand content as well.

Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

I Plan to Stick Around

please remember whether or not you are dealing with an online chat, a technician or in my case, the presidents office, that they represent rogers but they are not rogers.  I've been using rogers for over 35 years and without fail, not a year goes by when there arent major problems, as well as gouging prices.  The poor frontline staff take the brunt of peoples dissatisfaction, and yes, anger that should be directed to the company.  This comes from the feds shutting down any competition in the industry.  Poor service, too bad!  Highest prices in the world?  again suck it up.  The CRTC used to be able to help deal with this but trudeau/otoole/singh have changed its mandate so it only helps rogers/bell/telus.  The CCTS which was set up to help consumers against the big operators, has also had its mandate changed to the benefit of the telecoms. And cnds are fine with all that.