Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

Hi G, just off the phone with Bell, $119 for fibe premium TV, gigabit internet and home phone, good for two years and if I cancel after the first year only costs $75. Rogers can’t come anything close to this, the pre promo price was $159, Rogers rep admits that’s a great deal, what would you do? 175 channels and proper gigabit service ( barely get 150 mbps with Rogers gigabit and 20-30 mbps upload) I don’t have to swap channels if I want to change any of them with their system of doing things. Oh, they offered cell at $65, unlimited Canada and US calling and unlimited data, guess gross comes with volume.
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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

@Reilly11  When I was with Bell, their HD channels were only 720p and heavily compressed, the Mediaroom software on their set-top boxes was full of bugs that never got fixed, their set-top box hardware was really starting to show its age, and my DSL service (off of a 7330 with Interleaving) was not stable and always causing problems.  Even with pair bonding, I  barely had enough bandwidth for the TV service.... yet they had the audacity to charge outrageous prices that kept going up despite the horrible service.  (I was paying more for 15 Mb/s DSL than others were paying for FTTH.)  Then they started offshoring more of their tech support.


Best of luck with whatever service you decide to go with.

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?


You are lucky. The only reason I'm still with Rogers is because Bell can only provide 100 for internet for me.

I'm willing to even pay more to Bell , only if they had gigabit in my area.

Enjoy your Bell service 

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

And thats a key point.

Everyone needs to evaluate what they have available in their area.  (let alone the QUALITY in that area).

For myself, I am best to work with rogers to get the best I can out of them.
They are able to give me 1gbps (though I have not tested that, i am only on 500 which they can continually give me)
But bell, other than like one subdivision in town.. the most I can get is 10mbps DSL (and thats JUST been increased up to 10, was only 5 for the longest time).

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?


Have you tried completely unplugging and re-plugging all the HDMI cable(s) on every device? Through the years I had similar issues with various systems and, believe it or not, that solved it. I am not sure why it works but think that HDMI may get out of synch between devices and reestablishing it requires this simple step. Hey, you never know it might work for you too.

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

You would be crazy to switch.  We have had Roger's Ignite for about 3 weeks and they have been here 3 times to fix, but never really fix anything.  

The tv freezes constantly and when it unfreezes it skip ahead in the show we are watching, most time there is no voice and then there are the times when the screen is just black with no guide or station.

The internet is much like a dialup.  You sit watching that little blue circle going round and round.  And busy sites like Facebook, Kijiji, news sites and the like are mind-bogglingly slow to load and freezes a few times along the way. 

Sending an email is like using Canada takes up to a full minute before it shows it is sent. 


Best for you to stick with what every service you have or find something other then Ignite...It is garbage.  We are going to look into canceling this contract and going elsewhere .... 

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

Hi Community! I hope you're keeping warm on this snowy afternoon!


We’re sorry for the inconvenience you’re experiencing with your recordings.  The removal of DD+ is a temporary situation that we are addressing and should have a resolution for all recordings shortly.




It's now 4 months since your update and the problem is still exists. Any news and outlook on this being changed?

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

You would be crazy to switch"

100 % agree. DONT DO IT.

you spend most of your day calling support or waiting at home for tech

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

You don't want to hear the date they gave me, lol  They at least gave me 4 months @half price, only after I cancelled, shared my concern and talked to an advisor from the Office of the President, lol  Now I have issues with my Episodes, which nobody has complained about, just like the DD problem, I seem to be the only one with all these problems(according to tech support)  The roller coaster ride begins again, lol

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

I loved the ignite cable.

It has everything
Honestly satisfied with it and can't wait to get it again already have the amazing ignite gigabit internet