Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

Shortly is ??, before I switch back to Digital and have to go through all this mess again.

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

Ignore TV - Research before you make change to Ignite


Just spoke to consiege service to see if I can revert back to Navigatr from Ignite....answer NO.
So I have a service that I don't really like and paying approx $30 a month more for it.

I'm a Reliable Contributor
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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

Oh I can switch back to Digital, but my dilemma is how long do I wait? @RogersCorey says this sound issue will be fixed soon, so how long to wait?  Not really want to go through all this mess again. 

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

I have exactly the same issues. Techs have been out multiple times. I have upgraded to 500. I have the pods. The service is absolutely terrible. Recordings don't have all of the audio. The system cuts out regularly. Absolutely hate ignite. Should have stayed with the boxes.
I don't know enough about changing all the wxtenders and resetting everything.
Has been about 9 or 10 months now of just terrible service.
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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

I wonder if anyone who is having major ongoing issues (have had techs out, have pods, etc so its not necessarily a wifi or similar issue)
should be posting WHERE they are located??

As there are some people who dont have the same issues.

That maybe some of it is area located.. the back end servers feeding THAT area?

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

I am extremely frustrated with this system. Someone from Rogers apparently came to the front door and asked about the service. He advised I contact the upper management group. No time for this.

Just putting up with it for now. Soon I will check into Bell. In the meantime I will put up with sporadic audio in my recordings and constant glitchy service.

I like the concept of the ignite with the remote access to everything but the application itself is terrible.

I have had at least 3 techs out. "Signal is good. Just turn it off and back on and it will work. Sometimes ignite has a hard time connecting" HUH?

Try the pods, try up grading from 150 to 500.

Did both, no difference.

Would try the mesh but apparently that has issues as well.


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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

@jr687  Regardless of whether the provider is Rogers, Bell or any other company, IPTV requires that your Internet connection is working properly and that your in-home network is working properly as well.  If you ever start seeing strange issues such as audio dropouts or channel changes not being instantaneous, it's often not enough to simply reboot the set-top box.  A reset will clear most problems but the reset also has to be done in the correct order:


  1. Unplug the power connection from all of your Xi6 set-top boxes
  2. Unplug the power from the XB6 modem, wait a few seconds, then power it on again.  Wait for the status LED to turn solid white.
  3. Power up the set top boxes

I have only had to do this on a few occasions but in all cases it cleared any problems that I was experiencing.  (I also had to do this COUNTLESS times as well when I was a Bell Fibe TV customer.)


In other cases, Wi-Fi connectivity issues can also cause a different set of problems.  I perform a home Wi-Fi health check on a regular basis and make sure that I'm not suffering from any local Wi-Fi issues before I perform the full reset.  It's a frustrating fact of life that my neighbours can (and have) made configuration changes to their Wi-Fi networks and that this, in turn, has affected the stability of my Wi-Fi.


If all else fails, call Rogers Tech Support for further assistance.


The fact that Rogers techs have confirmed that "your signal is good" is encouraging.  Hopefully a proper reset is all that will be required to get your Ignite TV service working well again.

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

it works great! and u only need 1 remote control for everything. when i first got it installed, tv didnt work, internet went down. but rogers came fix it quickly twice! now it runs flawlessly. hope that helps!
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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

I just had an Ignite 1gb install today - TV and Internet, no phone -  and thought I would add my .02.

I am thrilled.

2000 sf bungalow, last several years have had Rogers cable - recently advised my bundling was expiring in December and I contacted them - price was going to go up 27%.

No can do I said.

They offered Ignite with an offer I couldn't refuse - maybe because they installed Fibe in my neighbourhood last fall -  and I agreed, before I read any reviews.

Set it up on Sunday for Tuesday install - comedy of errors until Tuesday and my appointment wasn't adhered to. Call concierge - mistakes made and I wasn't really scheduled in the system after all by the 2 earlier concierges I had spoken to.

I was ticked off after all the phone calling, waiting - but the last concierge I got on Tuesday after calling in about the missed appt seemed more proficient. Promised an install today, less than 24 hrs later.

Then I started reading the reviews and must say I was a little paranoid about moving ahead and almost cancelled this morning at 9:00 before my 12-2 appt.

I had a 12-2 appt and the tech showed up at 2:45 - I was very perturbed and the scenarios were running through my head.

Anyways, I cooled down and figured let 'er rip - there are larger problems in life if it doesn't work out. How bad can it be, really.

This isn't to say I don't feel for those folks that have had issues - I've been there on other services and it isn't fun.

Mu install took about 2 hours - router downstairs / extender upstairs / 2 TV boxes - worked like a charm. All my devices linked up automatically with no issues - the biggest hassle was entering my Netflix account/Prime Video sign-ins for the first time.

I'm no techie and I don't want to know about speed/channels/SSID's/band spanning, blah, blah, blah - bottom line -  is my signal good enough to power my stuff equal to or better than what my digital was giving me.

First impressions with my system in the last few hours - TV picture seems   clearer and sharper with colors also popping a little more - both my wife and I feel the same.

Remote/voice is really nice as well as all the other features which I will learn over the next little while. It is leaps and bounds above the old cable system. Did I really need all the features, NO - I wouldn't know how to use 3/4 of them but there are some very neat features that I will use.

I am very satisfied with the tech and the outcome and so far feel comfortable with my decision to make the switch - the features are night and day. 

It's like comparing the first cellphones and the smartphones of today, literally.

All automatically executed after power up - tablets linked, check - phones, check - my Bluesound audio devices which I was worried about, check - Lennox WiFi thermometer, check - everything seems as it should.

Back to life and not worrying about worst-case scenarios.

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Re: Should I Make the Switch to Ignite TV?

Rogers Hamilton here (I’ve heard the Rogers system is different in Hamilton)


Received a notice from Rogers that I would have to trade in my Arris system the boxes they gave me back were defective, other customers at the Rogers store expressed the same concerns what Rogers was swapping for was terribly inferior (6 tuner whole home PVR as compared to a single terminal dual tuner). Not to mention the employee at the Rogers store screwed something up and billed my account $1,367 for these garbage boxes. 


Decided to switch to ignite and it took about a month to get a tech to install first appointment no one showed up so that was quite frustrating. 


Installation was quite easy I helped the tech since I know the wiring and my basement has a drop ceiling. Main hub is in the main level living room with 1 terminal on each level (two storey house plus basement) 


Service has been pretty good but my complaints would be:

I’ve noticed a bit of stuttering watching 4K channels

My internet speeds seem slower then they should be (500u) 

Trying to watch Ignite on my girlfriends laptop at her place would not work at all

No casting from mobile app

Future recordings schedule is all messed up (recording old/duplicates when I want to record new episodes only)


Almost forgot to mention the Cable utility box is right out front my house on my property the Rogers technician said this would for sure make things run more smoothly and had to actually install a splitter because the signal strength was too strong so not sure if this is making the experience better for me as compared to complaints I’ve read. 


Also so now that ignite has prime video I don’t have to use my terrible 65” Vizio built in app. 


Edit: also no optical output on the ignite terminals which is pretty much the standard now.