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Setup Ignite TV on a Samsung TV

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Trying to set up Ignite on our Samsung QLED Tizen QN55 (2017) and when I try to select the source (long press), nothing happens. I plugged the HDMI into the OneConnect port on the back of the TV (there doesn't seem to be a dedicated HDMI port). Any advice?


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Re: Setup Ignite TV on a Samsung TV

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I've changed a TV that was attached to an Ignite TV box, and if it's not the same make (at least) - you'll likely need to use the Samsung TV remote first (at least once) to select the specific input.  From the Samsung manual for the model of TV you have (I believe), it says:


"Switching between external devices connected to the TV:

You can switch between TV programs and the content of external devices.
Press Home icon - (left directional button) Connected Devices

When you select a connected external device on the Sources screen, the output of the selected device is displayed on the TV's screen."


Then, you can do the Ignite TV setup.  Press the Rogers button - Settings Cog icon, Remote Settings, Pairing. 


It should now detect the type of TV you have and allow you to test the volume control and then (after setup is complete), you should be able to test the Input Select.  A great tip for getting back to the Ignite box, while on another input, is press the Rogers button.  If your TV supports HDMI-CEC, it should flip right back.  Good luck...

Re: Setup Ignite TV on a Samsung TV

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Am I mistaken?... with samsung TVs with the oneconnect.. the oneconnect is a port which connects to another 'box' device thing.. which then your HDMI from your cable box, dvd, etc all connect into that?

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