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Senior's Remote for Ignite TV

I Plan to Stick Around

The new Ignite TV is slick.  However, for seniors it is very difficult to navigate.  My mom needs a remote that I can program on/off, channel up/down and volume up/down.  Ideally I can include only the subscribed channels (favourites).  I have seen some basic remotes with large buttons on Amazon.   I am just not sure if Ignite TV remotes functions can be simulated.

Has anyone tried to mimic the Ignite TV remote?   I think it can be done with the Harmony but I want to do with with a simple remote.



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Re: Senior's Remote for Ignite TV

I've Been Here Awhile

This was very helpful.  Especially the IR code.  Thank you so much for posting.  Just one more question.  Hoping you or someone else can assist.  I was able to program 10 or so channels, but when I used the Flipper channel toggle, the channel number appeared in a black window on the TV screen, but the channel didn't actually change.  It just disappeared after 15 or so seconds (felt like an eternity).  I called Rogers.  Even with their remote, if you input a channel you have to press Enter/OK for the channel to actually change with Ignite.  How did you get your channels to actually change using your Flipper?

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