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Senior's Remote for Ignite TV

I Plan to Stick Around

The new Ignite TV is slick.  However, for seniors it is very difficult to navigate.  My mom needs a remote that I can program on/off, channel up/down and volume up/down.  Ideally I can include only the subscribed channels (favourites).  I have seen some basic remotes with large buttons on Amazon.   I am just not sure if Ignite TV remotes functions can be simulated.

Has anyone tried to mimic the Ignite TV remote?   I think it can be done with the Harmony but I want to do with with a simple remote.



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Re: Senior's Remote for Ignite TV

I Plan to Stick Around

I actually got it to work a few minutes ago.  I went with a Flipper Remote from Amazon. But they do have a website.  


I was able to pair the TV right away. The STB was a bit of a challenge.  The Rogers Ignite TV STB is actually an Arris xi6 box.  It works fine with IR.  I had a brain cramp because the box was partially shielded.  I removed the picture frame that was partially obstructing the angle and got it to work.


I also was able to program only her favourite channels.   The IR code I used is 3084 for the Flipper Remote in dual mode.  I was able to make it work the TV on off, volume and STB favourite list.



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Re: Senior's Remote for Ignite TV

I Plan to Stick Around

I really dislike how the light on the new remote turns off so quickly.  is there an option to keep it on for longer.  The reasons why I like the light on longer is because the buttons are very small.  

I really wish the buttons were a little bigger like the power button, Guide, Page up and down, and exit.  I feel like rogers doesn't test out with older citizens for their designs.  I also feel like the arrows are harder to press and see in the dark. 

I feel like rogers could do better with apps. having 2 apps prime video and netflix is not enough for a young person.  Comparing to the Nvidia shield rogers seems way out of touch with the new digital age.  Luckily for rogers they're still people who watch sports,  and boomers who watch t.v 

Re: Senior's Remote for Ignite TV

I've Been Around
Which universal remote should I purchase so that I can pair with my Rogers Ignite TV.  The remote is too small and hard to use for my elderly mother and I need to find a more useful, large button remote.  And where can I find clear instructions on how to setup this universal remote.  I read through many threads and I believe I have to somehow get the remote into IR mode etc. but the instructions were scattered amongst too many replies.  I don't want to use 2 remotes for one TV.  Thank you!

Re: Senior's Remote for Ignite TV

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@jo51 Here is the thread on the new IgniteTV remote control with larger buttons.  Please check it out as it should have all your answers.

Re: Senior's Remote for Ignite TV

I've Been Here Awhile

Hello,  Your post was extremely helpful, especially the IR code for the Ignite STB.  I'm hoping you or someone can assist with setting up favourites on the Flipper remote.  I was able to program 10 or so channels for my mom but when I used the channel toggle button, the saved next fav channel appeared in the black box (number) but it did NOT actually change the channel.  Much like the actual regular Rogers remote, the number appeared in a black box on the screen for quite a while (like 15 seconds or so) and then disappeared without changing the channel.  I called Rogers and they said when using their remote and entering channels you have to also enter OK to make the channel work (so annoying).  


How did you manage to get to scroll through your favourites channel using the Flipper remote?

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