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Follow these steps to search the Ignite TV guide with the search bar.

  1. Using the Voice Remote, press the Rogers button.
  1. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to Search and press OK.
  1. Use the arrow buttons to navigate to the first letter of your search term, and press OK to choose the letter. As you choose characters, they will appear at the top of the screen and the search will begin to suggest titles that match your entry so far.
  • Use the character to the right of Z to enter a space.
  • To choose a number or a special character, arrow over to ?123 and press OK. Then select the desired character and press OK.
  • Select ABC go to back to the alphabetical list.
  1. Repeat to choose additional letters.
  1. Use the down arrow button to select a search result and press OK.
  • Press the Last button to go back to the search result list.
  • Press Exit to exit the Search screen.
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