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Samsung one remote and Arris xi6-T

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Ignite TV installed last Saturday. I now have to use two remotes to control Samsung UN43MU6300. I would like to control Ignite using Samsung One remote only. There is a Reddit post that states a senior technician was able to do this. I have paired remote but the channel shows "not available" on screen, but the volume can be changed.
Can I use Samsung remote only to control Ignite?



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Re: Samsung one remote and Arris xi6-T

@adsinottawa wrote:

After giving up years ago, I did a quick search to see if this was resolved... the trick I kept missing was enabling the IP remote and choosing Comcast... then I could finally turn it to an RF remote!

I'm not sure what you mean by this.  I found the following blog post:


Is that what you did to get your Samsung remote working with the Ignite TV set-top box?

Re: Samsung one remote and Arris xi6-T

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Thanks for the solution. Not sure I fully understand the process but it works. Things I can't do are page up and down in the guide, which is no big deal. The two important things I can't do are record on the fly and access recorded programs. For these I still need the xr-15 remote.

Re: Samsung one remote and Arris xi6-T

I've been here awhile
From the Samsung home menu, select Source, then universal remote. You’ll be setting up a cable box. Search for the provider Comcast (it’s not on the default list). The for model number, the Xi6-T doesn’t seem to be available, but a search for Xi6 was successful. After a few up and down channel tries, it worked. At least now the Samsung remote now controls the volume and channel. Anything more sophisticated (guide, recording, etc) the I have to go back to the Roger’s remote. Note that when you do this, the source in the Samsung home menu is now appears as xfinity - not Rogers.
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