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Rogers XiONE TV box, audio setting issue with Denon AVR

I've been here awhile

Just got ignite and I’m having issue with audio not coming on after we have powered town TV and Denon the next time we switch it all back on.

Set the box audio to expert mode, the Denon shows Dolby Digital + symbol and the audio work.

Switch it off. Next day when I switch on the only get the picture and no audio

I go back into audio settings and toggle it back on again. If I power on and off the Denon I get sound

It’s like the box I trying to work out the sound connection type each time I power the system up and can’t.

Any ideas

What is this Expert mode anyway, the menu says nothing about what the setting means does.

It seems to not have much control for audio.

At least with my old legacy cable box it was just straight Dolby Digital no fuss

I have the remote to power on TV and AVR but it seems to be almost a timing thing, perhaps the remote is powering on the AVR too quick. Because like I say if I turn the AVR off and on again it works.

Also the XiONE does not seem to power off when you do press the power button. The TV and AVR turn off but if I press the Turn on the AVR and TV with original remotes the Rogers TV box is still giving out picture.

The LED on the front never goes out if you press the power button. What the correct behaviour for the power off on the XiONE



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Re: Rogers XiONE TV box, audio setting issue with Denon AVR

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Lots of questions and comments:


1. How are you connected?  HDMI to AVR to TV, or HDMI to TV, Optical to AVR?  Other?

2. If you have HDMI-CEC turned on in your devices, turn it off in all your devices.

3. Have you tried the Dolby or Stereo output setting to see if that makes a difference?  The legacy boxes didn't have Expert, but they did have Dolby and stereo or other, can't remember.

4. The box is never actually "off".  In the box settings you have an option for how long it waits to go into standby.  The light may go out after a few hours when it goes into standby.

5. If you turn on the AVR using the AVR's remote, wait a few seconds, then turn on the box/TV, does it work then?  (you may need to shield the AVR from the Rogers remote signal so that it doesn't turn off).

6. I have my box connected to my TV then optical to my AVR, which is a Denon. It works fine for me that way, but some AVRs do like to be "on" for a few seconds so that the HDMI handshake works properly.

7. Be aware that there are some surround sound issues discussed in the following post:


Re: Rogers XiONE TV box, audio setting issue with Denon AVR

I've been here awhile

1. HDMI -> AVR -> TV
2. HDMI-CEC is disable
3. Stereo, surround and auto same behaviour
4. Thank you the behaviour is how you said, just initial confused as the power button does not sleep the box. But after the set duration the LED goes out
5. Yes it does work in that test
6. Wish this Rogers box had optical then I’m sure that would have solved it. The XiONE does not have optical it’s bit of . little thing really. I have Denon 2113ci
7. Will read that post

Pretty sure it’s a timing thing. For now I have stopped the Rogers remote from controlling my AVR and TV in doing that it’s not lost audio during the start up. Just means we are back to 3 remotes again.

I did notice how quick it fires the commands out I think too quick, with my old legacy Rogers box it would send the TV on command a second later after powering on the the TV box (my old legacy remote could not also power in the AVR, this is what I was excited by this new feature it could have deleted cluttered out table)

Re: Rogers XiONE TV box, audio setting issue with Denon AVR

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Although the box doesn't have optical, your TV probably does.  If you connect the box directly to the TV using HDMI and connect the TV to the AVR via optical, that may work for you (it does for me). You need to enable "external speakers" or something similar in the TV for the optical connection to be "active" and obviously tune to the optical input in the AVR.  The remote should be programmed to turn on/off all your devices.


One other option may be to enable HDMI-CEC in all the devices, with the remote turning on only the box. This may then turn on the TV and the AVR using HDMI-CEC and the timing may be better for the AVR.  This assumes Box to AVR via HDMI and AVR to TV via HDMI.

Re: Rogers XiONE TV box, audio setting issue with Denon AVR

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@raymate  Regarding the HDMI Audio settings on the Ignite set-top boxes, "Auto Detect" is usually the best setting to use for most people, and this will pass Dolby Digital 5.1.  Expert Mode needs to be used in order to pass advanced audio formats, such as Dolby ATMOS.  However, Expert Mode can be problematic when connecting to some audio devices.  If you are experiencing audio issues of any kind, the first thing that you should do is set the audio output to Stereo.  If that works, then you can try troubleshooting with Auto Detect and Expert Mode.


One other thing: If a TOSLINK/optical connection is sufficient to carry all the audio formats that you require, then you really don't need to enable Expert Mode.

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