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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Technician No Show

@moongazer   Fully agree.  I never call the concierge number I was given - she is NEVER at her desk and doesn't return calls. 

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Rogers Technician No Show

Hello Rogersmaude,


I understand that this is a community support platform.  I'm here to document the experiences we have been having so that other Rogers customers don't feel that there situation is unique.  As long as this saga continues I will give updates because we want this documented.  



After another round of calls to Rogers representatives on Tuesday night, another appointment was scheduled for Wednesday (yesterday)... same deal, would be here between 12-2. This time (and we have the chat documented) the technician will come, we were promised, with the hub and the beacon.   The technician again did not show up, despite the text messages we received that he was on his way and that he would be arriving shortly.  


Wednesday afternoon we finally were able to speak with a manager who said he can't figure out why the technicians aren't showing up - it must be a glitch in their system.  FOUR times my husband or I have come home from work to let the Rogers Tech in and four times either a no show or the technician came and didn't know why he was there.

And yes, RogersMaude, we have reached out to Rogers people continuously and without any response.  

Today I spoke with another manager (lots of apologies) and he claims that technicians have been arriving at an address similar to ours in Toronto.   Seems a bit suspect to me since two did show up to our house and didn't know why they were there. 


Just got off the phone with another friendly Rogers representative and got another text notification about another technician coming Friday (tomorrow) between 10-12.  I will post a resolution to this story.  This isn't about help - we're seeking the help we need.  This is an open account of a highly frustrating two weeks interfacing with the Rogers system.  You need to do better, folks.  Pass that along up the chain, RogersMaude.