Rogers Ignite TV Streaming Delay on Live TV

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Rogers Ignite TV Streaming Delay on Live TV


On the Rogers TV Premier +500 plan

I am experiencing latency delays of well over 10 seconds vs. traditional cable. For example, my colleagues will text me after a leaf goal - saying great goal!!, yet I have not yet seen it on my Rogers Ignite box and it comes thru 10-20 seconds later. Anyone else experiencing this?

Now I realize that IPTV will have some latency , perhaps 1-2 seconds which is acceptable being a rebroadcast yet others (TELUS the first large telco in Canada to have IPTV, and Bell who followed with FIBE, seem to have this solved). Upon calling into Rogers Technical support, was told that this was part of the Rogers Design.

I find this unacceptable for the company holding the prestigious NHL rights yet can't broadcast it on a timely basis with its flagship product IGNITE

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Streaming Delay on Live TV

This topic was recently discussed in one of the Ignite threads, which I cannot currently find, however, this is "normal" for the Ignite service.  See the following post on the topic:


Edit: I found the previous discussion, see link below.


It ended with the same link though...


One major difference between Rogers Ignite and Telus/Fibe is that the latter have onsite customer hardware for recording, while Rogers recordings are in the cloud, which makes a difference for "pause live TV" which is offered, but doesn't directly affect live TV, but may have an impact in how the entire process works, etc.