Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

@stepy2015 wrote:

Thanks For answering my question

I have another question, Have you experienced buffering or lag when switching channels or any quality drops. Have you tried multiple TV's at once. Or does it feel just like normal cable?

Rogers has completely gotten rid of the Rogers Anyplace TV Home App and if you visit the Rogers Anyplace TV website they have gotten rid of the Recordings tab where it used to say "Coming Soon" I really hope Rogers brings back remote recording but based on what you said I am very worried that they got rid of this feature for good.


Each channel takes a second to start the stream.  Its not instantaneous. (its not like its streaming them all and you are going from A to B on display.
But not really any worse I would say than Navigatr was.
Depending on what your watching, it can take a second for the stream to find its proper bitrate, the same way that netflix does. So can take a second to stream in full 1080p.
(I can see possibly a lot of complaints around this.  Hasn't really bothered me much though.  If there is other internet issue, this may allow stuff to still be watched, while at a reduced quality, instead of a working/not working sort of thing)

So in most cases? Other than the bitrate settle part.. its really no difference than normal cable.
(and anyone with netflix would be used to the bitrate part)

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

@BS wrote:


Question to those using the system:


- can you describe more about ability to view the cloud recordings away from home - is it possible? 

- Can you delete them or manage them in anyway, away from home and on the apps on tablet/browser.


I am guessing you can't manage or set up the recordings away from home, unless that is outside the Tivo license.





You can access the service via 2 methods outside of the box.

- Https://
- And one of the mobile apps (apple and android)

Currently there is no way via them to set a NEW recording.

Both of them, (web and app) when your in the TV section, looks much like the anyplace app did.  Select an item, and you can watch it live.
There is a separate section for SAVED stuff.
You can view your scheduled recordings.. but unfortunately cant edit them.
Then there is the section for the actual recordings.

There is the option to WATCH it, or record options.
You can change the 'save' options (the delete if space needed, or the default of 1 year)
There is a DELETE option though..

On the app, there is an option to DOWNLOAD That recording to the device as well (for not having to stream option), but have not tested it yet.

Another guide to make.. take some shots of the apps 😛

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions


I dusted of my Harmony touch from in the basement.. 🙂
As mentioned by the other user, i programmed it to Xfinity X1 DVR controls.

It appears to work!  Havent tried every button, but it looks like the box does have IR.

Seems a little slow to respond, compared to the RF remote.  But it does work.

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

More Question's
- If you are not recording and you change channels are you able to rewind the previous channel or just restart?
- when you restart are you able to fast forward?
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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

I'll need to get back to you.


I am not really sure on the restart feature.. From what I have seen, its not available on all channels?
It may come down to a rights type thing to be able do it?

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

Looks like another partial Chanel outage tonight?

EDIT: Was still out this morning 😞

Its not a internet issue.. did many speed tests, and was getting higher than my allotted speed.

So seems like a back end issue.

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

I'm in York Region and didn't notice anything last night, it was working fine up to 11PM at least.

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

Had mine installed yesterday. Everything is up and running no problem. Just getting used to the new remote, options etc. So for I am really happy. Way better than the PVR Rogers  supplied before. My internet is reading higher download speeds than the package so that's great as well.


To all the brainiacs talking about doing their own install. Firstly, everyone else ignore them for the following reasons. The tech disconnected my line from the street and tested the signal before the installation began. He then rechecked the signal at the wall before connecting the modem to make sure my inside lines were stable. Turns out there was an issue so he replaced a section of cable to correct it.  After verifying every thing was ok he performed the installation and walked me through all the new options. No brainiac self install home user will have the required equipment to run these tested. Most likely they would just install without testing and when its not working properly come here and complain about how bad IP TV is. 


Do yourself a favour and just pay the installation fee and be done with it. Well worth it



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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

By last night, mine wasnt still back on.
Internet, etc was all still fine.

Called back in.  They had me do the normal reboot stuff, etc.. didnt seem to fix anything..

But said he did an account refresh.. that seemed to work?

Maybe somehow the system forgot that my boxes were registered? So therefore not allowing it to stream?

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

Sorry if this was covered, but I didn't see this explicitly addressed.


Is there a main TV box and then client boxes on your network?  Or does the modem/gateway act as the main box for TV services?  How do the client boxes connect to the main box?  Via ethernet?  Wifi?  Or both? Does it run over a VLAN or the normal LAN?  Can someone described or draw out the network topology of this all the way from cable on your street to all of the STBs?


Like others here I have a fairly sophisticated home network.  I have a Ubiquiti Unifi USG router and 5 UAPs.  I am not interested in a system where I can't run my modem in bridge mode as I want to be able to fully control stuff like port forwarding, DHCP, IP addresses and running OpenVPN server on my router.  I don't want a Rogers CSR to have control over my LAN.


So has anyone figured out how to be able to use TV while this is running in bridge mode?


There are Android and Apple apps, correct?  What about an AndroidTV app?  What's the difference between using the Ignite app an Android or AndroidTV box and an Ignite box (in your house while on the LAN)?