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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

Thanks, this is an important point for me since I run 3 Ethernet cables from the router plus a NAS. I'll have to look at a switch I guess.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

I want to be angry with Rogers due my unfortunate experience during the installation process... however I just can't. I love Ignite! The hardware is so so  much better than Bell, tv boxes are the same size as a slice of bread. Modem is modern looking and looks good on my bookshelf in my living room. The technician installed two pods free of charge, one upstairs and one in my basement. Of course I can move these anywhere in my house to augment my wifi service. Anyway to sum things up, I'm a very happy customer despite the service and shaky start. I'm glad I gave Rogers another chance, the product is outstanding and Bell really does not have a bundle which can compete with what Rogers is offering right now

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

Except of course for rogers dropping AMC. This is a big deal for many of us and Bell is still offering this channel!

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

You can’t please everybody.. that’s too bad Rogers is dropping AMC. Personally I could care less. However if I did care, it would still cost me less to pay for the bundle Rogers is currently offering and subscribe to AMC independently than buy Bells bundle which includes AMC. Of course you could always sign up for Bells starter tv package(which is pathetic) which includes 1 receiver and add AMC and pay more than I am paying right now for Rogers Popular Ignite tv package which includes 2 tv receivers with 500 mbps download, two wifi pods... etc

It’s all relative, I don’t understand why drop AMC, at the same time Rogers has a superior product to what Bell offers right now
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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

Here is our Rogers Ignite installation experience with some details that may help others.  Our Rogers Concierge and Technician did a great job with our installation.  There were some glitches but all were solved as follows:


1.  Rogers Home Phone connection to our Security System:  Rogers technician came and corrected our home phone wiring


2.  Rogers Ignite TV has only one (1) HDMI output that would not connect to an old TV on one floor plus multiple HDMI devices for each TV:  purchased Rasfox HDMI to AV/RCA converter through Amazon for the old TV and GANA HDMI 3-port splitter for TV's with multiple devices connected (PlayStation).


3.  Rogers Ignite Internet has only two (2) ethernet outputs and we have more PCs/laptops:  purchased D-Link PowerLine AV 500 Network Kit through Amazon to connect more PC's/laptops via home power outlets.


4.  Rogers Ignite TV would not work with Harmony Hub Universal Remote:  the solution was to use the setting "Rogers DVR" for "Changes Channels" and, most importantly, to have the Harmony Hub directly in front of the Rogers Ignite TV box (touching)


5.  Rogers Ignite created a new Rogers account requiring us to login, create another MyRogers account, create automated billing and pay the first bill manually (not a big deal)


We now have consistent Home Phone, TV and Internet services on every floor of our house and use the Rogers Ignite app to control access and security.  We can access services from anywhere via the Internet. 


So far, so good!

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

So today was my install day for Rogers Ignite TV, home phone and Internet. It has not even been 8 hours and I already plan on switching providers. Here are my thoughts:

- Ignite TV picture quality is very pretty, equal to the competition, but constant picture freezes and sound issues plague all 5 receivers in my home.

- Rogers does not use a dedicated modem for their TV service like the competition does. Ignite TV uses one modem for both internet and TV. This is a MAJOR problem for me as I am paying for 150mbs download speeds but, when 3 TVs were being used and my kids were also browsing the internet, I was getting download speeds between 1 and 4mbs....yes, 1 and 4mbs. That is like a 98% reduction in speed if others are actually using any of the services we pay for. With the competition, the internet you pay for is what you get and the tv will use an entirely different internet stream that in no way effects your regular internet. So if I pay for 150mbs with the competition, I get 150mbs and the tv’s will use a different modem to provide a steady and reliable stream. I had a different provider for three years and there was never a single problem with internet speeds or picture freezing.

-Absolutely flabbergasted that I cannot change the modem settings myself. The only settings I can change are my network name and password. When you log into the Rogers modem to try and change the settings there is a message that literally says Rogers pretty much controls everything except for your network name and password to optimize your experience. I’m sorry Rogers but I know my house and network requirements best and I don’t need you to control those settings.

- Rogers bandsteering is an absolute failure. There are many devices in this day and age that are controlled from apps on smartphones. To use these apps the device and phone need to be on the SAME NETWORK. Bandsteering switches your devices between the 2.4ghz and 5ghz band, depending on which is giving the strongest signal. In reality this means that very often (I mean very often, like every 3 - 10 SECONDS) the device I want to control and my phone are on separate networks and I cannot control them. Literally drops the connection every few seconds. Has made controlling devices from my phone ABSOLUTELY USELESS (devices like Xbox, AppleTV, Bose radios etc). And, as per the previous point I made, I cannot edit the network settings to stop this from happening.

- With the competition, I grew incredibly accustomed to controlling the receivers with their smartphone app. I could browse the guide, set recordings, change channels and do pretty much everything the physical remote can do but with the app. This does not exist with Ignite TV. Yes there is an Ignite TV app. Yes you can set shows to record with it. Yes you can view most of your tv content on your phone with it. No you cannot control the receiver with it. No you can’t change channels with it. You can browse the guide but only to pick something to watch on your phone/tablet. If you see something that interests you it can’t change the tv to watch whatever that is. Big bummer when coming from the competition that has an app that can do everything the remote can.

These are my thoughts from using Ignite TV for less than a day. I miss the competition’s TV/internet service. Like badly miss it. For anyone thinking of switching to Ignite TV, please, don’t. You will not get the same experience at all if you do. The only similarity is the tv picture quality. You will be disappointed with all the rest. Sorry Rogers but it is what it is. Your Ignite service is simply not up to par with the competition. I thought it was, I was hoping it was, but it’s not.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

@TheHonestTruth from the sound of your post I would say that you installer did a horrible job plus you are subscribing to wrong speed --- you should be on the 500Mbps plan and I would recommend that you get the installer back to do a proper job.


My experience with Ignite TV + Internet has been and is excellent .... i have 5 TV's and 40 devices [including gaming devices] connected to my very active Network. Everything works flawlessly for everyone in my Family. My Profile is the Technicolor Gateway in BRIDGE mode, 500Mbps, a MikroTik Router + MikroTik Switch and 3 Ubiguiti Access Points positioned one on each floor of my home.

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

I agree, that the installer likely did a poor job.

With that many TVs.. I am guessing its a pretty bigger house?  
Did they only install the modem itself, and not any of the wifi pods? 
90% of the time the cut outs and issues that way, are all around signal to the box.. with a good wifi setup, this generally shouldnt happen. 
This may have also partially effected the speeds you were getting?

Yes with Bell, generally they have two different devices. 
But outside of specific areas, were they are able to offer much faster speeds, a lot of areas which offer Fibe, your internet is maxed at 50mbps.   Because the rest of what may be capable, is segregated off to the TV.

My setup is much like @mozerd, I have the 500mbps plan, and while TVs and multiple devices running, i can still pull 300+ speeds.   While not absolutely necessary, with many devices running, its certainly beneficial.  (EG: I dont think i could run on the bell 50mbps)


While still not PERFECT, able to edit every 100% aspect of the modem settings (IE: the DNS are locked down, etc), there is much more that you can do  with it.   Yes loging into the modem directly, a lot is locked out there now (was not originally), but pretty much all that is now able to be changed via the ignite wifi webpage.  They actually have MORE in the ways of  parental controls, etc, than the modem itself handles.

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

You don't need 500 internet to make it work properly.The tv streams are not taking up that much bandwith. People always think they need to have the fastest gig speeds out there.You don't.

What you do need is good wifi coverage or hardwire the boxes. I have 150 internet with 4 boxes and a couple of heavy internet user and for the most part it's fine.Occasional freezes?Sure. Wi fi pods dropping and needing to be reset ?Yes weekly.It's not yet at the reliability or maturity level of legacy cable but I'm sure given a bit more time it will be.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

@TheHonestTruth that sounds frustrating. Per others I would also recommend having a Rogers tech come out and review your set-up - ours ended up spending quite a bit of time testing and tuning.  FYI - we have three TV's, five heavy Internet users (two work from home), home phone, Rogers wireless phones, PlayStation and other connected devices on Ignite TV Internet 150 running fairing smoothly.

I can't comment on app control of Ignite because we use our Harmony Hub which has a good app to control all devices in our home.  We just use the Ignite app for profiles to control access.

All the best that your issues are solved soon!