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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

@WJW2 : You stated that you reviewed posts here before switching. If you did do a thorough review you would have read:


1. That if WiFi is poor you'll need some form of "extender" (either Mesh at extra cost, or perhaps negotiated down in price) or perhaps powerline adapters or some other option.


2. The ability to schedule programming (manage PVR) is not available.  Here's but one recent example.


I'm sorry that you think you were misled, however, it's typical that CSRs "oversell" the product and you must make sure yourself that you will get what you need.


Let's just hope that the IgniteTV works for you since most people consider it a superior product to the old digital cable.

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

Just had the Ignite TV bundle set up 4 days ago. We received a letter in the mail from Rogers advertising it, so called in and wanted to see what they would offer us.


Ended up getting the Premier channel package, Crave+Movies+HBO free for first year, 150 Mbps unlimited internet, and Home Phone for slightly less than what we were paying for all those types of services before. (About $10/mo less.) There was also a $100 discount on the installation fee.


While the customer service reps at Rogers have all been very courteous, our initial technician visit made a poor first impression. After he arrived, he was inside for 10 minutes and then said he had to go outside. A few minutes later, we noticed he was gone. Thought maybe he'd forgotten something, and would be back. But after waiting an hour, it was clear he wouldn't be returning. Had to call Rogers and find out what was going on. Was told he'd made a note that we'd need a temporary line, then left without saying a word.


A second technician visit was scheduled. Since the first technician rudely left without saying a word, and completely wasted our time, a Rogers customer service rep said the remainder of the installation fee would be waived. So it should end up being completely free. (Will check the first bill to make sure of that!)


The second technician did a great job, and even returned later with an Ethernet switch after I requested it. (Since the Modem/Gateway only has two ports, and we needed more.) As suspected, we didn't need a temporary line at all. Especially considering we already had working cable internet with another ISP, beforehand. The temporary line excuse just seemed to be a way for the tech to go home early that day.


The only thing I could criticize about the second visit, is the tech didn't explain how to use the Home Phone, set up the Modem Gateway, or verify that the Internet was working with any device other than the Ignite TV box. Had figure out all of those myself.


As for the services themselves:

  • Ignite TV is excellent, so far. Superb picture quality. No stutter or hitches of any kind. Yet.
  • Internet also seems to be working well. Not sure if Rogers is still using Speedboost, but we're often getting even somewhat faster speeds than the 150/15 Mbps advertised.
  • Home Phone itself appears to be working fine. But the Online Manager is awful. Far inferior to the web interface of our previous VoIP service. The Online Manager looks (and apparently is) about 10 years out of date. Doesn't even work correctly half the time, with the site spitting out error after error.

Except for the rude first technician who wasted our time, and the awful Home Phone Online Manager, we're overall quite pleased with the Rogers Ignite TV bundle!


Just too bad about the lack of TV Call Display. Really would love to have that added in the future. It's extremely convenient to be able to see who's calling, while watching TV, without having to look at the phone.

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

Hey @RainbowTrout,


Thank you for sharing the experience with your install. It is a shame about the first visit and definitely not how your install should have gone. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the service so far and we'll pass along your feedback on the Online Manager and TV Call Display.


Please send us a Private Message to @CommunityHelps and we can provide feedback further. If you're not familiar with or PM system, please click here to find out more. 





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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

I have had nothing but horrible issues with ignite TV, voice and audio not matching up to what is said on tv, video description coming on by itself this will e the 2nd tech to come out and see what is going on with my ignite TV. I am very disappointed with it.

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation/Experiences/Questions

Good day @Catmama49,


Thanks for posting your concerns to the Community! Sorry to hear your Ignite TV experience has been overall disappointing.


Did the 2nd technician visit take place yet? Feel free to provide us with updates on the outcome!


Also, could you let us know the troubleshooting you've gone through so far?


Looking forward to your reply!