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Rogers Ignite TV Installation - Coaxial Cable and Splitter Question

I've been here awhile

Good Morning,


We will be moving shortly into a  40 year old townhouse, the previous owners were using Rogers Ignite TV and Internet and we are thinking of transition over to it, we are currently have rogers internet and digital tv (legacy).


The cabling set up on the main floor is as follows, there is only 1 coaxial cable outlet on the wall upstairs. 

  • The coaxial cable is connected to the Wall outlet. The label on the coaxial cable is: Andrew (R) A660 -  BVV-N Series 6 Cable 3092080


  • The coaxial cable is the connected to the following splitter: 



Had a few questions I am hoping to get assistance with:

  1. The coaxial cable that is current in use is upstairs and connected to the coaxial cable outlet is, Andrew (R) A660 -  BVV-N Series 6 Cable 3092080, would this need to get replaced? Or, is it okay to use for Ignite TV and internet? Would we need to use the coaxial cable provide by Rogers, or can we continue to use what we currently have?
  2. Is it okay to not use the cable splitter? That is, to have the coaxial cable connected from the wall outlet to the ignite gateway modem? 

We really don't have a use for the splitter, since we would only be connecting one device via coaxial cable.


I'm sure I am getting ahead of myself, but, I'd prefer to have any cabling issues resolved before moving in.



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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Installation - Coaxial Cable and Splitter Question

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Hi there,  I checked the spec of the coax cable and it is a RG6 cable which is the suggested and recommended cable type used by rogers.  This cable is good, you can continue to use it.


As for the splitter, even if you do not have another device to connect to, the splitter also serves an important purpose to adjust the level of signal going into the modem.  Too much signal is also not good so if the last people had their ignite modem connected to that cable configuration, its safe to assume it will be just fine for you to connect your own ignite modem gateway to the same outlet and cable configuration.


Go ahead and connect it up, it should be just fine.

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