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Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

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Creating this thread so we can separate any discussion about alternate methods of connectivity 
(if at all possible still, etc)

- Bridge Mode - is it capable of connecting the boxes to your own modem


- Wired connection


- How to connect these boxes in those methods.


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Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

I Plan to Stick Around
Yesterday my wifi went off, I factory resetted the eero and now everything is working. I tried a speedtest on the eero app and I am getting 730 and 14. I guess that’s reasonable on the gigabit plan. I am just wondering one thing, when I was on chat with technical support they said they can’t guarantee gigabit speeds if my eero isn’t bridged, and I think that’s stupid because I should be getting gigabit speeds no matter what.

Does anyone know if I have to have the wifi off modem and bridged eero setup to get full 1GBPS speeds?

Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

I Plan to Stick Around

@sbeckenstein: A couple of things:


1.  As a network guy, I believe you are going to be hard pressed to get 1000Mbps outside of a lab certification network stack.  Between two reasonable Gigabit devices with a crossover cable or through a good network switch, you should be able to get about 950Mbps using iperf with Jumbo MTU frames.


2.   I used to be able to get a download result of about 950Mbps on the original Rogers Speedtest ( while on Rogers Ignite Gigabit with the Hitron CODA 4582.  After the switch to the XB6 and from a directly connected (Gigabit Ethernet) computer, I am unable to get above 500Mbps on Rogers Speedtest.  However, I suspect that is a problem between the Rogers TV Intranet and their Speedtest site.  Using the Ookla Speedtest App on OSX, gives almost a 950Mbps result.


3.  Recognize that 1000Mbps is the maximum in the best case scenario.  To test that, you need to be directly cabled in to the first device (XB6) with at least a Cat5e cable and no interface errors.  Adding the eero, connecting through a switch or using WiFi will not improve on that result.  You will not be able to reach 1000Mbps using the eero WiFi (802.11ac).


4.  The best eero Speed Test results I have in my history are in the low to mid 900's.  I always have upload speeds greater than 30Mbps.


5.  Rogers uses marketing speak to provide "a maximum download speeds of up to 1 Gbps for Ignite Internet Gigabit."  They know it is not possible to deliver 1000Mbps even in the best case scenario.  Also recognize that since they deliver Ignite TV and Home Phone through the same Gigabit Ethernet cable, it is not possible to get 1000Mbps Internet at the same time; the math just doesn't work.  As an aside, commercial providers will put you on a 10G interface if you order a 1000Mbps service.


So to answer your question: you are never going to see 1Gbps on the eero Speed Test regardless of configuration.  You may get a high number (950Mbps) if you disable the WiFi and other devices so nothing is competing for the bandwidth.


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Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

I Plan to Stick Around
Well I’m now getting 657 and 15 on my latest speed test. I’m just wondering if my eero has to have IPV6 enabled or disabled for TVs and all features to work? I think eero’s smart queue management helps devices get as much bandwidth as needed.

Anyone know if the IPv6 have to be enabled or disabled?


Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

Good morning @sbeckenstein!


I do not recommend disabling IPv6, we cannot guarantee full functionality if you do. There is also the future inevitability of Internet brownouts once all IPv4 addresses are assigned. If you do not have IPv6 available when this happens, you won't be able to connect to the Internet until an IP address lease is freed up.


There's nothing wrong with you testing this out to see if it works for your current network setup, however! I just want you to be aware of the downsides. 




Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

I Plan to Stick Around

I have been using the Ignite setup in Bridge Mode for a few days now, with Google Wifi. 


Initially with the Ignite modem, the speed was decent when i was next to it, however moving to the basement, the speed went from 200mbps (which is really bad considering i was next to it) to 20mbps. With Google wifi (since it is a mesh system) i get around 100mbps on a good day around the house. 


Hard wired to the Ignite box, the speed ranges from 91-98 mbps


Is it just me or the new ignite box isn't as great as they say it is?