Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

Hello @cwrb,


I can understand the importance of getting fast speeds on all of your Wi-Fi devices even the ones that are only compatible with 2.4G.


The 2.4G network isn't really capable of delivering the fastest speeds and will likely not even come close to the speeds provisioned to your plan. Are all of the 2.4G devices you are using Laptops? If so, you may benefit from a 5G Wi-Fi adaptor for those devices. This will allow those devices to connect to 5G Wi-Fi and get much better speeds and experience less Interference than the 2.4G network.


We are unable to comment on how to set up the Ignite TV using a bridged modem as this is not supported. Many users have been able to set it up this way. I will tag in a few users who may be able to assist here @Gdkitty, @Biollw@Nick_W.


If there are any users in the Community familiar with an Ignite TV setup with a bridged modem please feel free to chime in! 😃




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Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

My understanding is the PCs WiFi driver determines the use of 2.4g or 5g.
What I indicated I wanted to determine was whether the 2.4g speed is the best I can expect (via the Ignite modem) or if a good router might produce faster 2.4g speed.
As bridging is not supported by Rogers, I will find some time to try it out and advise the forum.
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Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

A better router MIGHT then provide a better wireless speed.


Generally overall 2.4 should bring the same speeds, but things like antennas, etc can make a big difference.

These modems probably have a much more basic set of antennas in them, as well they are internal.
Vs a better one with external antennas, and a better range of antennas. (ones with multiple antennas sometimes break things down over separate antennas to provide better performance).

So the better antenna will make sure likely that you bet better range further out, so speeds would improve further away.

Though this will all be limited as well by the wireless card in the device (quality, number of antennas, etc)

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

All modern Gateways that support 802.11ac are based on MIMO .. Antennas that are 'internal' are very specially aligned tunned to MIMO algorithms that do exactly what they are supposed to do -- external MIMO antennas are no better than Internal ones. The KEY factor in getting excellent wireless reception is the PLACEMENT of the wireless Transmitter. High up and as central to the wireless client as possible --- A poorly placed Transmitter will always produce unsatisfactory results -- so one needs a lot more of them placed throughout.


99.99% of wireless installations done give very little to no thought as to placement because most 'consumers' want the devices out of sight so most installers take the line of least resistance and accommodate the consumer esthetic requirement. 802.11 abg do have better results with external antenna but they are legacy devices that perform very poorly in that very crowded wireless space today. With 802.11ac its best to completely avoid 'bag' wireless due to the massive interference present and simply use the 5Ghz wireless space.


The other issue wiith ISP gateways is that the firmware provided does not properly exploit the wireless capabilities inherent due to lack of expertise .. placing the ISP gateway in Bridge mode and using a beter Router properly placed will in most cases provide much superior results.

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

My ignite 500 install was about 3 weeks ago. I thought everything was good at the time. 


I began getting poor 2.4g speed last few days.

I had researched how to improve with the ignite modem and via a good router. None of it convinced me it was worthwhile. 

I arranged for a tech visit and it happened this morning.

He did many wiring changes (the installer should have done) including on the outside of the house, where the coax entered the house, at the wiring junction array and where the coax connected to the modem.

He indicated the installer should have done, to ensure ignite works optimum.


There was no change to my 5g devices but my 2.4g devices improved to 30-40mbps via with Rogers server.


I get 90-200mbps on 5g and now 30-50mbps on 2.4g. I am told this is what I should expect.


Once again, make sure your installer does a comprehensive install and shows you the speed for your 5g (smartphone and tablets) and 2.4g (computers and other devices).

Also make sure he checks the existing coax connections, if speeds are low.


One last point  each TV terminal (x16-a) comes with an HDMI cable that is designed to be used for the TV connection. You are advised to use it, if you see any abnormalities in video/audio presentation. 


And, if a problem occurs after the install, call tech supp and request a tech supp visit. 

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

Goos idea. 


IMO, the first thing to do is try a 2.4g device (laptop) anywhere in the house and compare to just next to the ignite modem. 

In my case, I see about 10% max drop in speed...and concluded not worthwhile considering bridging. 

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

I have the exact same setup as you. Does your Netflix work and if so how is it connected?
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Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

We used the apple device to switch between Netflix, Blu-ray Player and TV.
Now we don't use the apple device for Netflix as it is part of ignite.
It is the same Netflix account but fully integrated with all Rogers TV's and the voice activated remote. Much simpler now.
My only concern is the increase in Netflix price starting this month.
I have decided to cancel Netflix for a while to see if we really need it. Very easy to restart if we change our minds.
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Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities


I'm starting to get calls to switch over to Ignite TV.

What is the current bridge mode status on the modem in that package. I read previously there were issues with it. I need to be able to use my own router and will not consider the package if I can't.


I would be able to keep my 500/20 package but also assume I would be on a different modem so I will lose access to these test firmwares which is important to me.


I need to get a better understanding of where these items stand before I allow rogers to change anything.

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Re: Rogers Ignite TV - Alternate wifi/connection possibilities

As I indicated, I have cancelled Netflix.will wait the required 30 days before considering re-signing {with one connection}.

Based on just current experience with Ignite, I suggest you stay with what you have as long as you can.

Rogers does not support bridging in any are on your own.

My main concern with Ignite, at this time, is ability to control fast forward and rewind for recordings, and the technical issues with using the cloud. 

As with many technical advancements, companies tend to let their users be the testers and suffer the problems associated with new products.

We need to voice our objections. By not accepting Rogers encouragement to move to Ignite, you will help them to realize customers do come first.


BTW, this community forum app is the poorest communication vehicle I have seen a communication company use to connect with their customers.