Rogers Ignite Not Showing Scheduled Recordings 14 days Ahead ?

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Rogers Ignite Not Showing Scheduled Recordings 14 days Ahead ?



I noticed that shows scheduled to record 14 days from today are not showing up in the "Scheduled" section.

e.g. Checking today (Monday April 26) at 12pm, the Guide for Sunday May 9 displays the shows I normally have scheduled to record between 8pm - 11pm. 


However, in the ROGERS > "Scheduled" section, they are not listed to record yet ... but probably will by tomorrow.
I record All episodes - new and repeated.


Is this just the way it is?



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Re: Rogers Ignite Not Showing Scheduled Recordings 14 days Ahead ?

@SpeedyC  Are you seeing this with a scheduled Series / All episodes recording?  If so, then what you are seeing does not surprise me.  As far as I know, the Guide shows what you have requested to record; "Scheduled" shows what is actually scheduled to record on the PVR service.  I would expect the two to be in sync when you schedule a manual recording but they may not necessarily be for automatic recordings.


Ignite TV also has to be able to handle the case where you may no longer be subscribed to a channel when the recording time/date comes up.  Similarly, you can request to record a program on a channel that you are not subscribed to, and a 🚫 will appear in that program slot, and I presume that it would show up in "Scheduled" at some point if you do subscribe to that channel... although I'm not sure of what the timing for that would be.