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Recordings Not Saving or Working

I've Been Here Awhile



For a while now, I had set some programs to record. However, although they are shown in the grid and the Scheduled panel, none ended up being saved. While searching online, I found that performing a System Refresh would fix the issue and/or the connection to the Cloud Ignite save area. I did so and managed to get a couple of programs - they did record and appeared in the Recordings panel. Now, two weeks later, these saved recordings are gone. This does not appear to be a “running out of space” issue (since there is nothing there) nor is it a “delete if running out of space” for the same reason


How can I get this functionality back so that it works reliably?


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Re: Recordings Not Saving or Working


Hello, @JGoudreault


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thank you for posting your concern to the community. I know how important it is to have your favourite shows recorded properly so you don't miss any episodes. 


  • When was the last time you can recall these programs recording properly?
  • Does this only happen on certain programs or channels?
  • Do you have more than 1 Ignite TV box? If yes, do you notice the recording issue on all of the boxes?
  • Are you able to view the recording via the Ignite TV app/website?
  • Can you confirm how the recordings were set? It is a series recording or a single episode?


We look forward to your response.






Re: Recordings Not Saving or Working

I've Been Here Awhile

To your questions (not in order)
- Series were scheduled
- one single Ignite box (out of the 7 we have - all got Refreshed with the last System-wide one)
- Different days, times and channels
- those recordings that disappeared also cannot be found in the app either
- I checked day after recording and it was saved. 3 days after that and it was gone. Future recordings still appear under Scheduled

Should you need more information, please advise

Thank you

Re: Recordings Not Saving or Working

Hello, @JGoudreault.


Thank you so much for the additional info. We'd gladly investigate this issue further and if required we can submit a ticket on your behalf. 


Please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog




Re: Recordings Not Saving or Working

I've Been Here Awhile
To whom should I send the private message? RogersTony and RogersMoin are not valid recipients

Re: Recordings Not Saving or Working

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

If you look at the post above yours you can:


1. Hover over @RogersMoin 's name and an option will come up to send him a message.

2. Click on the @CommunityHelps hyperlink and an option will come up on the right side of the screen to "send this user a private message".

3. Click on the last hyperlink to see instructions on how to PM.  Link again below.


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