Quite Impressed with Rogers

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I've Been Around
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Quite Impressed with Rogers

I was a Rogers customer years ago but switched away to other TV-Internet providers for reasons I won`t mention.  Over 10 years later I`m back with Rogers to give them another try.  Ignite TV-Internet was too compelling to ignore.


I`m happy to say that I am well impressed with Rogers now.  Calling into support is no longer a massive pain the neck.  The folks answering the phones all speak excellent English and are quite knowledgeable, and pick up relatively quickly.  And they`re friendly.


The prices are still on the high side but at least they`re not totally out of line now.


The technology is simply awesome - we are loving Ignite TV, the hardware that drives it and of course the fast Internet speeds.


Just wanted to give credit where credit is due, and say something positive.  Everyone loves to hate on Rogers (and the other big guys), but I have to say, they`re winning my confidence again.  Well done, Rogers.




Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: Quite Impressed with Rogers

Hey @Darwin_II,


We're glad to have you back as a customer and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Delivering the best experience and putting our customers first is something we've been focusing on and is our top priority as a company. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience!


We look forward to seeing you around the Community. 🙂


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Quite Impressed with Rogers

Great to hear.  Reviews of Ignite TV seem to be getting better as time goes on, which is to be expected as the kinks get ironed out.


I'm really anxious to give it a try too, but when speaking with Rogers recently, there were no promotions available for for me Ignite TV and I'd have to pay the full price as listed on the website.  I was eligible though, for a great deal on digital cable along with my gigabit internet, so I stuck with that.  Someday!  🙂