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Question about Ignite and Mesh routers

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I currently have a setup where I have digital cable, three cable boxes, Home Phone, and cable modem in bridge mode that is connected to a Mesh router. 


I am being offered Rogers Ignite with three Entertainment boxes for each of the TVs.  


I am thinking that the boxes need to be connected to the Ignite modem through it's own Wi-Fi, and cannot be bridged. Will I need to get rid of the mesh system to get all TV boxes connected to Ignite? 


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Re: Question about Ignite and Mesh routers

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Resident Expert

@geddo FYI, this question has been asked countless times already.


Yes, is is possible to run Ignite TV on your own network gear, with your Ignite Gateway in Bridge Mode.  HOWEVER, it is not a configuration that Rogers can officially support.


Rogers provides Ignite TV and Ignite Internet as a turnkey solution.  The Ignite TV set-top boxes were designed to connect to the Ignite Gateway, and this is the only configuration that Rogers has tested and supports.  If you have an Ignite TV technical problem and require support from Rogers, you will need to be running in a standard Rogers-supported configuration.


When running on your own network gear, you also need to be mindful of some quirks or else you might find your Ignite set-top boxes constantly dropping off the network.  I have been running Ignite TV on my own network gear successfully for many years with no issues whatsoever.  Your mileage may vary, and if you do get Ignite TV working in any unsupported configuration, you will also need to be prepared for the day when it might stop working.

Re: Question about Ignite and Mesh routers

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Hi Geddo,

I have the same setup and same question. I am using the Orbi RBR20 mesh router with 2 satellites at home. The mesh router is working very well for the last few years. I don't want to make a change. Have you joined the Ignite TV and Internet package? Do you keep your mesh router and connect the TV box to your router? Have you found any issues?




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