Problems with Ignite Remote

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I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Problems with Ignite Remote

I just tried those steps, same result. After I select my receiver brand the next screen asks me to control my LG TV using the remote, and restarts the endless loop of pairing

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Problems with Ignite Remote

I simply chose not to use Rogers ignite remote pairing and paired my soundbar using the soundbar remote to pair to Ignite remote. I followed manufacturers instructions of my sound bar to pair Rogers ignite remote.
Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Problems with Ignite Remote

A few more comments:


1. When you go to the URC Support website and use the Setup/Codefinder function for your particular remote, if you only put in the make and not the model (use the "you don't know" the model option), you will get several options for codes and one of these may have better functionality than another code, even if you put in the model number. I believe if you put in the model number you can also select "more" and it will give you more codes.


2. Some Yamaha AVRs and some other brands have discrete IR signals for On and Off. If a code only does one, then you may have one of these AVRs. You can tell if you look at the AVR remote - it'll typically have two buttons - one for on, one for off.  


3. If there are discrete buttons then the IgniteTV remote may never work properly with that AVR for on/off because it only sends a "power" signal, that is compatible with most equipment, but it will not send an "on" or "off" signal discretely.


4. Although the IgniteTV remote will work with most equipment it will not provide proper/full functionality for some equipment.  It will work with perhaps 95-99%, but not 100% of equipment.


5. Sometimes HDMI-CEC (or another "incoming" signal like optical) can work to turn certain equipment on/off, but you need to understand how things work.  Here's a post on that topic: