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Problems with Ignite Remote

I've Been Around

I just got Ignite installed in my home. The Rogers box (TX061AEI) is connected to my Samsung UN50NUthrough a Denon AVR 5750 receiver.


When I try to switch to verbal commands on the Remote, it more often than not will not work, unless it is pointed away from the Television/Receiver. The Remote gives a flat chime, and there is not any message displayed.


Any suggestions?


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Re: Problems with Ignite Remote

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Just scroll down to "loading more brands" and they will show up after clicking enter.

Re: Problems with Ignite Remote

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So my remote (xr15-v2) just faulted and wouldn't allow me to use voice control or control my tv or audio receiver. I had to get rogers to send me a new remote. I have since re-paired the new remote but I can't get my audio receiver to pair properly. When I get the "pair audio receiver" page I click yes and type in my Yamaha brand, but then it just skips to the TV pairing again. The only way I could somewhat pair my receiver was to use urc support page to give me a code to input, it worked for controlling everything properly except for powering on my receiver. It will turn off my TV and receiver, but then when I press the power button it only turns on the TV

Re: Problems with Ignite Remote

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So this is what I have figured out with my TV and AVR Receiver.


When you pair the remote it attempts to identify the TV and/or receiver automatically. But it fails to see my Samsung TV because my Denon AVR is between it.

So this is how I got it paired.


I found my codes ( select your XR15 if you have it) here. Wrote them down.


Now when I pair the remote when it asks for the TV brand I just select the first one on the list, press/hold setup then I enter not the displayed code but the code I wrote down.


Now I say yes to setup Audio and do the same thing as above.

Select first brand on the list, press/hold setup and enter the code I wrote down not the displayed code.


This is the trick I had to do to get by the AVR setup.

Good Luck


Re: Problems with Ignite Remote

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I believe the simplest option, after pairing the remote for RF, would be to go to the URC Support website and follow the instructions to set up the remote for TV and/or AVR/Audio device. Do not use the menu driven on-screen instructions.

Re: Problems with Ignite Remote

I'm Here A Lot
I did ignore the whole set up menu when pairing my receiver this time, I just held the mute and menu buttons from whatever channel I was on, and punched in the code I got from urc support. The only thing that doesn't work right now is that I can't turn on my receiver with the ignite remote, but I can turn it off just fine. Before my first remote stopped working I had the ignite remote able to turn everything on/off, control volume, and all of that. I also was able to pair it properly using the actual pairing setup menu