Possibility of Picture-in-Picture, TV Mix & Rogers Grid channels on Ignite TV?

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Possibility of Picture-in-Picture, TV Mix & Rogers Grid channels on Ignite TV?



I have been curious about this for quite some time.


I am in the process of switching from the Digital Cable TV service to Ignite service and one thing I found out was that (correct me if I'm wrong) unlike the Digital Cable TV Service (at least on the 4K Nextbox set I have), Ignite TV lacks the "Picture-in-Picture" mode from the "Navigatr" system where the viewer is able to view two channel screens at a time with audio coming from one channel while viewing two channels at the same time. I also noticed that while I tested out a demo Ignite TV unit at a Rogers store, the few "TV Mix" channels & Rogers Grid channel were missing from Ignite but do exist on the 4K Nextbox Navigatr system.




Linked above are some pictures I took as examples showing off the "Picture-in-Picture" mode in action as well as the few "TV Mix" channels & the "Rogers Grid" channel (which was the only multi-view channel which was actually made to accomidate channels in HD).


Now my question is about this is:

Is or would there be a possibility of these special channels & features (or similar) being adapted or built from scratch for the Ignite IPTV service? Because I'd imagine there'd be technical hurdles in providing these features on the Ignite service down the line, considering the technical differences between IPTV and Digital Cable.


I am rather curious though if Rogers tech could somehow pull it off in regards to having these (or similar) features on Ignite?


Just a thought.


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Re: Possibility of Picture-in-Picture, TV Mix & Rogers Grid channels on Ignite TV?

Hello, @BMan78.


Thank you for posting your observations and thoughts in the Community. We are delighted to know that you are considering switching to Ignite TV, you may want to check out today's blog


We can certainly pass on your queries regarding the availability of the special channels and features of Digital TV platform on Ignite TV internally to the relevant teams for the review. Please stay tuned with the Community and with rogers.com/ignitetv for updates. 


You can send us a private message @CommunityHelps so that we can submit the Ignite TV order for you. 






I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Possibility of Picture-in-Picture, TV Mix & Rogers Grid channels on Ignite TV?

Thank you very much!


And I'm already signed onto Ignite, just gotta get it installed tomorrow afternoon. I've read that comparison list and I'm already liking what I'm seeing.Smiley Happy

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Re: Possibility of Picture-in-Picture, TV Mix & Rogers Grid channels on Ignite TV?

Its not necessarily a limitation.. 

If you look at how digital cable TV works, ALL the channels are broadcast at one time.  So all the time all the channels are being fed to  your house.
For it to do a PiP or a mix channel, its pretty easy really in the end, if the TV has enough tuners in it..  Tuner A tune to one of those being fed, Tuner B tuning to another, etc.


With Ignite, its a little different.   As its IP streams.  Every time you change channels, its stoping the current stream, and starting another stream.

So could it do PiP? Sure.. just start another stream.
But there are things to look at with that as well.. likely each stream will be pulling at its MAX it can.
(Like many people dont realize the same thing on phones.. yeah your viewing it on a tiny screen, but if your connecting to a very HD youtube video, its going to stream at the max bitrate)

PiP may not be too bad.. but I could see a MIX type channel, streaming like 4-6 streams? Could eat up a lot of bandwidth.

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Re: Possibility of Picture-in-Picture, TV Mix & Rogers Grid channels on Ignite TV?

Excellent comparison.


I would add a couple of other comparisons though for people to consider.


1. Own your equipment - many digital users currently own their boxes which allows them to reduce their fees for equipment.

2. Price wise, Digital and Ignite are getting closer, but digital is still cheaper and provides a user with the choice of lower end Internet speeds which are more than adequate for many.

3. The comparisons of home phones are not made and there are differences between each company that provides pros and cons and features which users have spoken to - example - view call display on screen, battery backup and others.

4. Voice control is actually easily achieved with Chrome cast and Google home or ok google on and android and Siri on your phone or tablet or computer - For people with integrated smart home systems using Google or Siri, they don't need the remote at all to run Fibe at this time.

5. Mobile streaming apps available for Digital and Ignite compared to Fibe - Fibe permits for full chromecasting and other TV streaming devices which although Ignite has you tube and Netflix integration, you cannot cast on Rogers apps, while on Fibe you can.  Also Fibe is available on almost all TV casting devices, and they allow for the use of Roku and Smart TV's and some other devices in conjunction with the presence of only one set top box.

6. Although you cannot download from the cloud recordings, on digital, your recording is available as long as your equipment is still functioning or no failure occurs, (in my case, I have some recordings that are over 2 years old).

7. Fibe allows from downloading of recordings via their Fibe application, so seems like it is similiar but not called downloading from the cloud.  Seems to serve the same function, but is a difference for consideration.


So just thought I would add a broader comparison of items that are not fully included in the comparisons.


But then again, this was prepared by Rogers for comparison and we see similiar presentations of comparisons from the other guys too.  What is nice is this is largely a user driven comparison rather than the traditional marketing prepared summary.


By the time my contract expires next year, I am sure there will be many other features for comparison and eventually, I expect digital will be pulled from the mix, and at that time, I hope we move to not requiring bundles again allowing our choice of products, knowing that of course bundling saves money, there may be features of each product and suppliers one prefers and wishes to pay for.


Realized one last thing - Bell Fibe does not require bundles.  You can obtain TV, Internet or phone in bundles, but all services are available seperately, along with another model of TV known as Alt-TV along with their Internet package.


Nice job on the comparisons.



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Re: Possibility of Picture-in-Picture, TV Mix & Rogers Grid channels on Ignite TV?

Some thoughts on PiP.

I first saw this over 20 years ago on a friend's Sony TV and decided I had to have it on my next nice TV. By the time I was in the market for a new one the big flat screen TVs were becoming very popular and according to the the salesmen, that feature was phasing out because most customers didn't want it anymore. It was still available on some new TVs, but way out of my price range. I ended up buying an already obsolete Samsung Tantus flat screen CRT TV that had 2 tuners and the feature.  I used it quite a lot watching live TV (before I had a PVR), especially Formula 1 racing, which was then available both on TSN and Speed, so I could switch between the American and British feeds during commercials and not miss anything.  But when I got a PVR (and Speed was shut down) I recorded everything I could and watched it at my convenience, so the need to use PiP diminished, even though my PVR had it.


Nowadays PiP would still be a bonus for people who watch a lot of live sports and are interested in more than one team. There are multiple stick-and-ball sports broadcast simultaneously just about every day. So this would certainly be something that ought to be incorporated in Ignite TV.

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Re: Possibility of Picture-in-Picture, TV Mix & Rogers Grid channels on Ignite TV?

Yeah.. sports I think is the MAJOR thing that many used it for.. watch the game in the corner while watching something else.

While not quite the same, on ignite I do use the SPORTS app occasionally.  Be watching something else and leave up the app on the specific game on the side.  It updates pretty quickly with any changes.
(at least for the core sports, etc)


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Re: Possibility of Picture-in-Picture, TV Mix & Rogers Grid channels on Ignite TV?

Is there a way to get PIP with ignite??
Have searched high and low 😞😞
Please advise
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Re: Possibility of Picture-in-Picture, TV Mix & Rogers Grid channels on Ignite TV?

@Biancadangelo  PiP is not currently available on Ignite TV.


Users have asked for this feature in the Xfinity support forums as well, and a Comcast employee posted a polite response saying that they will pass their requests on to the leadership team: https://forums.xfinity.com/t5/X1/Picture-In-Picture/m-p/3230907/highlight/true#M177595


Whether or not the Xi6 set-top box hardware can decode and display multiple streams simultaneously (even if PiP uses a low-bitrate stream) is another question altogether.