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Poor experience on new 4K TV

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I have a new samsung 4K TV. 

We had it working with no issues for the first week or so and then I figured I should try the 4K channels to see what they're like. I changed the ignite TV to one of the 4K channels and the box popped up and said it needed to optimize for UHD settings, i figured no problem that makes sense so I hit ok. The TV then lost display and it didn't come back for a very very long time. I actually thought it had bricked the ignite box or something. Eventually it did seem to come back and it was working, i tuned to the 4K channel and watched for a bit but it wasn't super impressive if im honest so i just forgot about it. 

Since I did that i had found that basically 100% of the time i turn on my Samsung tv it would say the set top box was not powered on, even though it looked like it was. We found at one point that the Samsung tv settings actually included an option to sort of remote control the peripherals for 'power management' so I think for a time it was actually shutting off the rogers box, but we disabled this. 

Even after that feature was disabled on the TV settings we continued to have issues. We dug a bit deeper and found the rogers box also had a setting for power saving which we disabled too, but still after that the problem has remained. 

I just now monkeyed with the whole setup again and finally went back and turned the rogers box from 4K UHD back to 1080p-60fps and now when i turn the tv on and off the rogers ignite tv seems to be instantly available again.

I guess my question is then what could be going on here? Is the rogers box struggling when being on the 4K setting? i wonder if maybe my box is bad or if there could be some problem with the HDMI cable or something. Has anyone else experienced this? 

It's probably easy enough to take the box in and get a replacement and a new HDMI cable. We have the Xi6-A box and have had it since I think 2020 so not sure if there are newer boxes available ?


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Re: Poor experience on new 4K TV

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There are several complaints dealing with Samsung TVs and Xfinity products (Xfinity PVR cable tv boxes, or set-top IPTV boxes). And since Rogers Ignite TV uses the same IPTV box technology (with fewer options), compatibility issues with box recognition, frame-rate settings, HDMI connectors, etc., are often theorized.

You can try the Gateway Xi6-T model or perhaps newer boxes, but there's no guarantee that it will make a difference (when compared to your Xi6-A), and it might be difficult to choose a specific Gateway model (unless you meet certain requirements, or perhaps start to cry).

Even if it's all good at 1080p 60fps, you might notice some frame-rate issues with certain content.

If you unplug your TV and then plug it back in, that can sometimes fix a problem, but not always.

In a related thread, a Rogers Ignite TV subscribers, had his Samsung's UHD TV motherboard (which includes the HDMI connectors), REPLACED, and that fixed the box-recognition frame-rate problem.

A Comcast Xfinity subscriber with a Samsung 4K TV, set his cable box to its maximum setting of 4K 60fps, and although it worked fine for On Demand content, it caused jitter and perhaps Judder too, for his Recordings and Live TV. Even changing his cable box to 108Op 60fps, still had the jitter issue.

To fix his Xfinity cable box issues, he had to change the cable box settings to either 4K 30fps, or 1080p 30fps.

However, when he used the Xfinity App, and connected his 4K Roku streaming stick set to 4K 60fps, to his Samsung 4K TV, it was all nice and smooth, with no jitter. By the way, he had already replaced the Xfinity cable TV box, and made sure that the soap-opera effect was turned off, but it made no difference ... So only the 4K Roku streaming stick solved the frame-rate problem.

If you have another brand of 4K TV, or perhaps any 120Hz TV (or one that can automatically reduce itself to 48Hz, or increase itself to 72Hz -- which is also evenly divided by 24p motion), that might eliminate or reduce any frame-rate issue  ,(stutter, jitter or Judder). But it might not make much of a difference.

I don't really know if Samsung 4K and UHD TV versions, are any more problematic than other brands, but the Samsung brand seems to be mentioned quite often, when concerning the Xfinity technology.

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