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Poor Ignite TV

I've been around

I have recently changed over to Ignite TV. Big mistake. The quality is awful! The picture is always freezing / buffering. I check the setting and it says the wifi connection is excellent. Yet it buffers and freezes. I am constantly rebooting the modem and the boxes hoping that will help. I even have the Rogers wifi extenders and still it does not improve. I can’t believe I’m paying money for this. I should have stayed with the Netbox.

I have had a tech out once. He even changed the tv box and there is no change. When I told him how bad the quality is, he tended to agree with me and told me to hang in because Rogers will be upgrading to Fiber next year. So that means we have to suffer with this and when they do upgrade it, they will charge us an arm and a leg for it.

I definitely need to look at other providers 


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Re: Poor Ignite TV

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I still have Legacy TV, but first-time users of Ignite services often run into problems, that are often fixed after weeks or months of constant pressure on Rogers, along with helpful suggestions from other customers or mods.

Some experienced users run into problems years later, and that can be even more frustrating because they actually know what it's like to have a working Ignite system.

While you are waiting for some suggestions, you should scroll down to the bottom of your thread and click on some of the other related threads dealing with your topic, listed under "You might also like." Perhaps start with the thread entitled: "Poor Ignite TV quality" You can also use the Search bar at the top of the page to find other related or non-related topics.

After reading through the other threads, you might want to add some information to your next post (like do the problems still occur with an ethernet connection from tv box to modem).

Bell's Android box IPTV service also gets its fair share of complaints, so until Rogers gets more neighbourhoods ready for primetime, there will continue to be many more growing pains.

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Re: Poor Ignite TV

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Resident Expert

The picture quality on IgniteTV is excellent, even with coax since it has more than enough bandwidth. If you're having issues, then there is something wrong at your location, or in the feed to your location.  You may wish to contact the moderators of this forum and have them check your account, etc.


When logged into the forum, click on @CommunityHelps  .  On the page that comes up, you'll see a link on the top right of the screen to "send a message".  If you're using a tablet or phone, you may need to switch your browser to the desktop version. How to do that will depend on the device but a web search should find it.  There may be some back and forth required while Rogers get your personal information to look into your account.  Personal information is not allowed in this forum.  


The technician at your home did the bare minimum by changing the box, but that doesn't help if it's an incoming signal issue, or if there is a WiFi issue (which you say there is not).

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