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Poor Ignite TV Box Wi-Fi Signal. Won't Band Steer to a Better Band

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After Rogers installation my My Ignite TV Box was on the  5G band and it kept displaying  '"Poor Signal" message. I fixed that by manually putting it on the 2.4G network and it jumped to Excellent.  So even without pods the 2.4G is excellent. 


I installed necessary Pods to improve coverage for my computers in the top floor of house and this forced Band Steering on. My TV switched back to the 5G network and again a poor signal even with pods.  One of the Pods is  with in 5 feet of the TV set and I still get a poor signal on 5G.  


WiFi is excellent on all my computers and phones anywhere in the house with the pods so it is only a Ignite TV problem.


The Ignite TV Box is getting a poor 5G  signal so why is it not  automatically switching to the better signal on the 2.4G Band?

Can I just force it?


The TV seems ok with but I keep getting an irritating  'Bad Signal" message




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Re: Poor Ignite TV Box Wi-Fi Signal. Won't Band Steer to a Better Band

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Resident Expert

Just wanted to add the following info from Comcast's xFi Pods Frequently Asked Questions:


My device is right next to a Pod, so why is it connecting to a different Pod in another room?
In a WiFi mesh network, the best connection point for a device may not always be the one that's closest to it. Pods communicate with each other and the Gateway to monitor the number of devices connected in the home, their location, and the type of WiFi connection that each device needs. This ensures that your device is operating with the best signal. Think of it the same way that your GPS directs you to an alternate route to get you to your destination faster when there's too much traffic on the main road.

Re: Poor Ignite TV Box Wi-Fi Signal. Won't Band Steer to a Better Band

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Unless its changed.. I know there was something with the TV boxes initially as well.

That they dont just lock into an SSID, they seem to lock into a specific AP itself.  So it may be attempting to connect to what it previously was before, and not the newest closest AP.

If it hasnt been done yet (or i missed it in the previous posts), i would try and re-connect the wifi on the tv box.

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