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Ordering Ignite Entertainment Box

I've been around

need help getting customer support:

I have been trying to arrange another remote/modem for a tv purchased - on hold for over an hour last night, over 45 minutes this morning, and the 'live' chat was still up from 8:28pm last night! Why is it so darn hard to get through to this company? Is there not a location I just go to and pick up the equipment I need? Do I need just a remote? I cannot even get the WiFi to pick up the new tv............ so frustrated!


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Re: Ordering Ignite Entertainment Box


Good morning @Lindap,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


You've come to the right place! Just to clarify, is something wrong with the remote you currently have or are you looking to get an additional TV box for you Ignite TV service? If you are having issues with the existing equipment please let us know in this post so the members of our Community can help you with the set up. 


If you wish to order an additional TV box please send up a private message @CommunityHelps so we can place the order for you. You can learn about our private message system in this blog. 


For future reference, if  you are unable to wait on the phone for long periods of time, please send us a message via Twitter @RogersHelps or on for account support and technical support.


You can message us once and you'll be in the queue for the next available rep to reply back to you. You won't have to worry about staying on the line or waiting on hold. You will be notified as soon as one of my colleagues messages you. You are free to go about your day in the mean time :).



I wish you a prosperous 2023!




Re: Ordering Ignite Entertainment Box

I'm here a lot

It's INSANE.  I am an existing customer who's been trying to get a hold of Rogers tonight since 7pm (and it's currently 9:34pm!!!)   This is INSANE!   Isn't this a communications company????  I may switch to Bell for this reason alone. 

Re: Ordering Ignite Entertainment Box

  • Hi
  • I have ignite boxes that seem to longer be working and issues with buttons on one of the remotes. I’m requesting 2 ignite boxes with remotes to replace these 2 boxes.

Re: Ordering Ignite Entertainment Box

Hello, @Donna22.


Thank you for joining this thread, and welcome to our Community!


Two of your Ignite Entertainment boxes not working can hinder your TV experience. We can investigate the failure and submit a replacement order for you.


Please send us a private message as outlined in the post above by RogersZia.



Re: Ordering Ignite Entertainment Box

I've been around
I need to order another Rogers ignite modem

Re: Ordering Ignite Entertainment Box

Good day @Stevekralik,


Thanks for posting your question to the Rogers Community. 


To get a better understanding of your inquiry, I do have a couple questions for you. I hope you don't mind!


Are you looking to get a "Rogers Ignite modem" in order to activate a new internet account at a different address?


Or, are you looking to obtain a replacement unit for a defective one currently provisioned at your current location?


I see that you sent us a private message @CommunityHelps and we have yet to hear back from you. If you still need our help, don't hesitate to let us know!



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