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Option to purchase more PVR cloud storage

I've been here awhile

Ever since I’ve switched to IgniteTV I lament the loss of the hard disc PVR. At least then I knew I could expand the memory. With Ignite TV I’m constantly having to delete recordings I want to keep to make room for new recordings. The timeout for pausing live TV is also a joke. I use to be able to pause my TV go to the grocery store & come back and it would still be where I left it. Not anymore. It times out within 5-10 minutes. Hardly enough. Something needs to be done. And the option for more cloud storage should be a simple fix. I’ve been asking about this feature since the IgniteTV service launched. Still nothing. 

don’t get me wrong, cloud storage has its benefits. I love that it’s now available everywhere I go, have the option to download and if a box is defective my recordings aren’t tied to it. BUT the draw backs are significant. Not enough storage space options, pausing times out way too fast, programs delete automatically after 12 months, Far more downtimes due to service interruptions. Back in the old days, if Rogers went down, I could still access PVR recordings. Not anymore. Not unless they are downloaded. The boxes should have a usb/memory card slots for externals hard drive download options. 

Also. One last thing. Apps. Come on. Bellfibe has apps on multiple devices so that renting boxes is no longer needed. Rogers no longer allow us to purchase boxes and so the least they could do is compete with Bell and allow the ignite service on Roku, Firestick, AppleTV etc. 


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Re: Option to purchase more PVR cloud storage


Hello, @Ndally


We appreciate you posting your honest feedback on the Ignite TV service.

  • At this time, we do not have the option for expanded memory on the cloud PVR but it is a great suggestion! 
  • There is an inactivity timer with the Ignite TV platform of about 10 minutes of inactivity while pause will revert back to Live TV. If you are planning to pause for more than 10 minutes I would recommend recording that problem live instead and then you can watch it again after and delete it.
  • The recent service interruption was unprecedented and we are working hard to ensure this type of disruption does not happen again.
  • We have heard a lot of feedback from customers on the availability of the Ignite TV app on multiple platforms. We will definitely update all customers once we have more information to share on this.

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback and suggestions with us.



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