NCAA Football as Sports Category

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I've Been Around
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NCAA Football as Sports Category

I'm enjoying the Super Sports Package on Ignite but have one quip about the package. 


I'm able to filter on a broad range of sports categories to quickly find games from NFL, MLB, Soccer, Tennis to Golf, Track and Field, Swimming Diving and even NCAA Basketball (NCAAB).  As of now, there is no filter for NCAA Football (NCAAF?) which would be extremely helpful as games are scattered about a large number of channels and the Home "Live events on now" isn't always comprehensive and misses a number of games coming up later in the day.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: NCAA Football as Sports Category

@leoracicot   The NFL is part of the Super Sports Pak?  I thought they removed it?? 

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Re: NCAA Football as Sports Category

Good evening and welcome to the Community @leoracicot,


I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the Super Sports Pack so far.  I know how convenient filters can be to sort what you wish to watch. Thank you so much for your feedback and recommendation, we'll be happy to forward it to the team in charge.