NBA playoff game not in 4k?

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NBA playoff game not in 4k?

Why are some games not coming in 4k? The 4th NBA game tonight is not coming on TSN 4k, can someone explain why?




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Re: NBA playoff game not in 4k?

Hello @j2pc,


From the looks of it, tonight's game is not on the TSN 4K Broadcast Schedule. You can check out the schedule on TSN's website.






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Re: NBA playoff game not in 4k?

This has to do with TSN, not Rogers.  If it were SportNet, owned by Rogers, perhaps then you'd have a bit of a complaint, but really 4K is pretty rare these days.  Here's the TSN 4K schedule. As you can see, not much on it:


SportsNet carries all the Jays Home Games in 4K, but that's because they have 4K cameras set up at that facility.