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Re: Multiple TVs?

@toolcubed wrote:
Wow. So first the local US channels were removed from all Ignite tv packages (and require a $3 theme pack), and now tv box rental fees have increased to $10? Ugh! I’m not liking the direction Rogers is heading in…

I would not freak out about this too much just yet.  I don't know what the driving strategy was behind the changes that Rogers has made over the past six months but I'm pretty sure that they will be forced to make more positive changes on the road ahead.


When Rogers launched Ignite TV 3 years ago, you could only get it with a 500u or 1Gig service, it was overpriced, didn't work very well, they charged a $150 installation fee, and many of their install techs didn't have a clue how to install it properly, so it wasn't exactly the premium "white glove" service that they were trying to promote.  Not surprisingly, their early install base consisted primarily of Rogers employees... and early adopters that were willing to pay a $150 install fee for a service that was overpriced... and A LOT of people complained that it didn't work very well.  The picture quality was even horrible in the Rogers stores where they were showcasing Ignite TV.


A few months after a lackluster launch, Rogers started offering Ignite Premier with a 150u service for $165/month. which included Home Phone with unlimited Canada-wide calling, and they dropped the set-top box rental fee to $5/month.  They also offered other promotions, and some of their sales teams had the discretion of either lowering or waiving the installation fee.  Flex Channels (available since launch) was also a very innovative idea.  The Ignite TV service was a good value and (by that time) worked well, and that's usually a pretty good formula for success that you don't mess with.  If you can continue to improve the service and deliver even more value without raising prices, even better.


Unfortunately, today, Ignite TV prices have risen, Premier contains only a fraction of the channels that it did at launch, Ignite Home Phone is no longer included in the base price, and it looks like Rogers may now even be shipping out refurbished XR11 remotes to new customers.  The pricing for existing customers is grandfathered to a large extent but new customers will be paying more for less, and existing customers that want to make changes (such as upgrading their Internet speed) apparently will be forced to switch to a different bundle at current pricing.  It also does not help when the quality and production value of conventional TV programs drops precipitously and high-quality programming moves to streaming services.


I'm not ranting and don't want this to turn into a rant thread.  I'm just saying that these changes are not sustainable, and that Rogers will either have to make some drastic changes going forward or their competition will eat their lunch.