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Misc Troubleshooting Tips

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For those of you who are experiencing issues with Ignite TV, and have run through the regular troubleshooting tips (reboot, check cables, etc), have a look at the settings on your TV.  I have a new Samsung TV and have found a few things that were not compatible with my Ignite set up:


-  by turning off the image stabilizer on the TV I no longer had video choppiness on some channels;

-  I turned off the HDMI-CEC on both the STB and the TV.  This corrected the audio issues I was having;

-  I also had to ensure the audio delay feature was turned off on my TV which was causing the audio/video to be out of sync.  I had to put the audio setting to stereo on my STB as this was the only setting that didn't cause the sync issues;

- if you are still having audio issues, try changing the audio settings on the TV.


Hope this helps.  When all else fails have a look at your TV settings to see if you can correct any issues.


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Re: Misc Troubleshooting Tips


Good day @jjjjy7,


Thank you so much for sharing these troubleshooting steps with the Community! I'm sure some users will find these useful.


We greatly appreciate your contribution. Cheers!



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