Macroblocking on ABC

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Re: Macroblocking on ABC

@57 wrote:

@ghcharters wrote:


As far as your suggestions about TV Settings, I WILL be checking them out this weekend. Our set is an LG OLED55C7P . The picture mode is "STANDARD", although I've made a few changes. Brightness 50 changed to 56, Color Temperature C20 to W4, Black Level Low to Auto.  For a lot of our viewing, in our lighting conditions, we just find the STANDARD setting more to our liking.

I had a quick look at the online operating manual for your TV and have the following suggestion.


1. Try Cinema instead of Standard. 

2. This may seem "dull" to begin with, however, bear with me for a short time and give it a try.

3. In order to compensate for the "darker/duller" image in Cinema, increase the Backlight setting if possible.

4. Try adjusting contrast to compensate as well...

5. You should find the colours more natural.  When I looked at your video, the colours were way over-saturated, almost looked like "Vivid" mode.

6. Try adjusting the black level so that images don't appear washed out. Tune to a channel like CP24 and look at the black part of the image.  Raise the black level until the black appears grey.  Then lower the black level until it doesn't get any blacker.  Do this a few times and you'll find the transition point when the black is as black as it'll get without "crushing" the blacks. Usually this is around 50, but it can vary from TV to TV.  The other way is to go well below 50 and raise the black level until the black on the screen just starts to turn grey.  This should be the same setting as you got when lowering the level.


Good luck.

I've started to work on this. We've changed to Cinema mode and it doesn't seem as bad as we had experienced earlier this year when we tried switching from Expert Bright Room to Cinema then eventually to Standard. I really don't remember why we switched, but I think it was related to the very dark scenes in Game of Thrones. When you say Backlight setting, would that be the OLED LIGHT setting. We had 80 on Cinema and 90 on Standard. I'm trying 90 now.  I've yet to try Contrast changes. Unfortunately, BLACK LEVEL can only be set to High or Low so I'll try it for a while at each.


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Re: Macroblocking on ABC

@ghcharters wrote:

  I've yet to try Contrast changes. Unfortunately, BLACK LEVEL can only be set to High or Low so I'll try it for a while at each.

The Black Level options of High/Low may be as a consequence of some sort of auto-black level setting elsewhere. If you're happy with one setting or the other, that may be fine. If you wish to experiment, try finding the auto black level and turn it off. It should then allow for settings from say 0-100, but I can't be sure.   Glad to see you're giving things a try.