Lag of 20 second when switching channels

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Lag of 20 second when switching channels

Everytime when changing channels theres a 20 second lag before the next channel comes on. Anyone experienced this.




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Re: Lag of 20 second when switching channels

@AllanK  I have never seen channel changes take quite that long but if you ever see something strange like that happen, it's probably due to a network glitch and a complete reset of all of your Ignite components should fix it.


To do this, first, reboot your modem by power-cycling it.  (Pull the power plug, wait 15 seconds, then plug it back in again.)  This will reset the modem's electronics and it will also reset and reinitialize your modem's connection to the Internet.  When the modem has finished rebooting, power cycle all of your set-top boxes.  (If you want to save a bit of time, start by unplugging power from all of you set-top boxes, reboot your modem, then power up your set-top boxes.)