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Issues with the XB6 and slow network speeds

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As of the last 2-3 weeks i've noticed slow network speeds at two residences, both subscribed to Ignite Gigabit and Ignite TV with the XB6 modem. can show 0-10mbps download speed over wifi direct to XB6 and regular upload speed. Sometimes a "Restart wifi module" from the admin page fixes it, other times a full modem reset is needed. I'm finding the need to go in and restart the device about once every 24 hours and that's a little too intrusive for me. I'm assuming a firmware update was pushed that is causing this, given that its happening at two homes with the same modem.


I know the OP is a little vague, let me know what information you need to help dive into the problem.






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Re: Issues with the XB6 and slow network speeds


Hi @jackthecompguy,


I can imagine how inconvenient it is to have to reboot the modem almost every day. It's also odd that you're experiencing the same issue at two different locations. Have you had a chance to speak to tech support about this?


I'll tag @Datalink, @-G- for their valuable insights!





Re: Issues with the XB6 and slow network speeds

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Resident Expert

A new firmware bug is always a possibility but if this were the case then I suspect that there would be MANY more reports of this same problem.


@jackthecompguy  Are these residences located in the same neighbourhood or in the same building?  Do they only have the Ignite XB6 modem installed or do they also have Ignite WiFi Pods installed to improve Wi-Fi coverage?  How many devices are connected to these Wi-Fi networks?  Have the modem's Wi-Fi channels been set manually or is the channel set to Auto?  How "busy" is the surrounding Wi-Fi environment?


When getting slow speed tests, confirm that there are no actual problems with the Internet service itself by testing with a computer using a wired Ethernet connection directly to the modem.


It's also worth checking the error logs to see if the modem is reporting anything of interest.


When troubleshooting slow wireless speeds and unreliable Wi-Fi, the first thing that you need to do is install a Wi-Fi analyzer (on your computer or mobile device) and assess the local Wi-Fi environment.  You have to look at ALL of the activity on the slow/problematic channel.  One of the challenges with Wi-Fi is that only one device can transmit on a given channel at a time, not just on your Wi-Fi network but ALL Wi-Fi networks using the same channel... and even non-Wi-Fi devices that happen to be using that same frequency.  Also, when a wireless client gets farther away from its access point, it uses a less efficient data encoding scheme and the transmission speed slows down... and that, in turn, means that once it starts transmitting, it takes up more air time to transmit its data... and other wireless clients are forced to wait for the channel to become idle before they can transmit.  So, if a neighbour (that would be anybody that you see transmitting with a signal strength of -85 dBm or stronger) happens to be using the same Wi-Fi channel as you, and has some very busy Wi-Fi clients with relatively poor (inefficient) connections, it can kill your Wi-Fi performance.  You also can't fix this problem by increasing power to improve signal strength.  In fact, this could actually make the problem even worse.  The problem can also be in your own home.  If you also happen to have a few very busy wireless clients in the "bad rooms" of your house where wireless is always slow, then that will also severely impact the wireless performance of the devices that are situated right next to the modem/access point.


The fix is usually to find good Wi-Fi channels (that nobody close to you is using) in both the 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands and assign them manually.  I generally prefer to avoid setting Wi-Fi channels to Auto.  If a Wi-Fi modem happens to be located in the basement of a home, it can be shielded from neighbouring Wi-Fi signals; while trying to find the best possible channel, it might actually end up picking the worst possible channel... that's already being used by somebody else... and cause all sorts of problems for both you and the neighbour who is using that same channel.


Another thing that you absolutely must do is fix problems with spotty wireless coverage.  You can do this by installing a Wi-Fi mesh or by installing Ignite Wi-Fi Pods, or by connecting distant/problematic devices using a wired Ethernet connection or an Ethernet Powerline Adapter.  In my home, I try to connect as many devices as possible using wired Ethernet and use Wi-Fi only for mobile devices or for those devices where a wired connection is neither possible nor practical.

Re: Issues with the XB6 and slow network speeds

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I had this issue as well with my modem. I recently switched to Ignite 500 and couldn’t get more than 16-20 Mb download on Wifi but the upload was normal. I’m a network engineer by trade and I tried everything under the sun to get it to work. It worked at normal speed with a wired connection to my personal router but never over the Rogers XB6 Wi-Fi. Anyway, I called tech support and they sent a tech who replaced my modem and everything is working normally now. I’m chalking it up to either a firmware or manufacturer defect in some of these routers.
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