Issues with Ignite WiFi Pods

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Re: Issues with Ignite WiFi Pods

adding wifi pods


Help hard to figure out if my wifi pods are working.  Having a hard time adding them under more.


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Re: Issues with Ignite WiFi Pods

Hello, @tomom77


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I know how important it is to have a strong WiFi signal inside of your home so I definitely want to help you get your Pods working. Please answer the questions below so we can better understand what is happening.


  • What is happening when you try to add the Pods using the Ignite WiFi Hub App?
  • Is it not recognizing the Pods or do you get an error message of some kind?

Some of our Resident Experts with Ignite TV may be able to shine some light on this for you. I will tag them into the conversation now. @-G-, @Gdkitty, @gp-se, and any other Ignite TV users in the Community with WiFi Pods feel free to chime in.


We look forward to your response!