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I've Been Around
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Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

Can I control a Sony sound bar with the Rogers ignite remote control?
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Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

Hello @dsoper,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! =)


It's always more convenient to use a single remote to control all of your devices rather than having multiple. The good news is, the Ignite TV remote is more than capable of controlling numerous devices.


You can find all of the steps to program your remote by following the instructions below:


1.) Go to www.urcsupport.com
2.) Enter "Rogers" as your Provider 
3.) Select the "Code Finder" button below the "Rogers Ignite TV Voice Remote
4.) Click on "Add New Audio
5.) Select the "Sony" brand from the list 
6.) If you have the model number select "Enter my model number" otherwise select "I don't know my model number
7.) A Code should be generated 
8.) Follow the steps for "Setup for Audio Device Control" below the code finder and enter the code into the remote when prompted


I hope this helps!





I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

After I got over my surprise about losing my surround sound capability, I did some research and bought an HDMI splitter (to split the HDMI signal into HDMI and optical audio). I connected the HDMI out from the Ignite set-top box into the splitter. I connected the HDMI OUT port on the splitter to the HDMI IN port on my TV and used my digital audio optical cable to connect the SPDIF OUT port on the splitter to the digital optical port on my home theatre. I had the settings at Expert ahd immediately got surround sound without havingt to change anything. Whe I checked the settings later I, saw that it had automatically detected that there was a Dolby 5.1 signal.


Long story short, the HDMI Audio Extractor Converter (HDMI to Optical Toslink SPDIF) was what allowed me to get surround sound on my Ignite set-top box.