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IgniteTV Surround Sound

I've Been Here Awhile

Hello!  First post...


Long time Rogers customer, new Ignite subscriber.  Any Ignite customers having trouble getting surround sound (DDS5.1) to work from these Ignite TV boxes?  In the settings, I have tried both Auto and Expert (forced surround sound), but neither work.


My connection is not HDMI direct to my surround receiver - it only has optical (toslink/SPDIF) input.  My Panasonic TV has optical output.  I have DDS5.1 when using the smart TV for Netflix playback - not from the Rogers Netflix app.  I also tried using an audio extractor/splitter - same results.




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Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

Rogers Ignite plays recordings in stereo PCM only. Live is 5.1 capable. This was as per the agent. I have a screenshot of this. Also they may never fix this is what I was also told.

Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

Don't blame Rogers for this one.  It appears to be a Comcast decision.  So, Comcast equipment, Comcast rules ......  to put it politely. 

Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

Really? This is because I asked for a lower cable bill and they gave me this stating it's better. Sounds like Rogers problem to me. Anyway. I want it fixed. That's what I'm after. So how do I get Rogers to fix this. Stereo on a product that they are pushing is not acceptable in 2019. How is it Netflix, Kodi etc can make this work. Stereo.

Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

How do you fix it?  Tell Comcast to record tv shows in 5.1 instead of 2 channels.  When Comcast decides to do it, that would or should give Rogers the ability to do the same.  If you cruise thru some of the xfinity forums, you will see the same complaints.  Comcast doesn't appear to be in any hurry to make any changes.

Re: IgniteTV Surround Sound

Could you supply a link to COMCAST For this. I don't mean a link to see that xfinity does this. I mean a link to whom can solve the issue. I will gladly offer them a free trip to my house to see my state of the art setup and their equipment short comings. Also who at Rogers thought going backward was a good idea? I find it off I pay my monthly bill to Rogers and they choose to blame their chosen vendor?