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Ignite tv remote loud buttons

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Anyway to silence the buttons?
It is also crackily during use.

Btw, Can’t use voice for other reasons, so would like to resolve issue.

Maybe switch over to a universal; possible? If so, which?

Kindly Appreciate hearing what others have done to solve, thanks.


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Re: Ignite tv remote loud buttons

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The remote has "mechanical" buttons and, as such, they will make a noise when pressed, like any other remote or keyboard.

There's no way to "turn off" the sound.

Re: Ignite tv remote loud buttons

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Resident Expert

@pGwtech :  Here are my comments.


1. There is an IR remote available from Rogers called the Royal remote. See the following thread.


2. Unfortunately, there are a couple of functions that are missing from that remote as discussed in that thread.  See my link below:


3. Also, the Ignite TV boxes are very finicky when working with IR signals, instead of RF like the Ignite remote uses.  This means placement of the box and aiming of the remote are critical.


4. In that thread I recommended a Harmony remote, however, they are no longer manufactured, so you would need to find a used one. They are still supported by Logitech, however, again they are IR and have those failings.

Re: Ignite tv remote loud buttons

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Not sure this will help but if your settings are for English you cannot look up French titles and vise versa - hope this help. The volume is a problem also but I have no solution for you on that.

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