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Ignite tuner software needs to be more user flexible

I plan to stick around

I've been making use of the Ignite program for a week now & I've come to the conclusion that the software could use a LOT of tweaking to make it more flexible & comparable to the older Technicolor program that gave the user considerably more tweaking ability to allow the remote/tuner to do what one personally  chooses the software to do.

1. Remove all of the unwanted channels that one chooses to hide

2. When using the channel buttons at the lower section of the remote to select a channel to go to directly disable this unnecessary display on the right side of the screen that brings up an unwanted drop down menu of channel programs that have absolutely nothing to do with the channel # selected via the channels buttons & instead go directly to the channel selected just as the older program would do.

3. Channel Back feature......occasionally I use this when I'm viewing a particular station & when a commercial comes up I'll have another channel I'll go to immediately to view temporarily & I would use the channel *last* button to bounce back & forth between these to.........this Ignite remote/program doesn't have a *last* button,  & do this without some intervention from collected alternative *last viewed* channels that have been stored in memory as NOT like this....reprogram the system to allow the user to just go directly to the last channel viewed & get rid of the monkey motion one has to input to get to the last channel viewed.

4. Audio.....there is an *expert* option for those who want to manually select the audio format received..whether it be AC3, DTS, PCM, ..if this is there it is not enabled....that selection provides nothing to the user at can enable it but one doesn't see the options that are supposed to be available displayed.


there are others as well.....but these are the primary



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Re: Ignite tuner software needs to be more user flexible

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Resident Expert

Unfortunately, unless Comcast decides to add these options, it's highly unlikely that you'll see them on Rogers, but they do "hear" the suggestions and sometimes (pretty rarely) they are implemented, but are still always seen on Comcast first.


2 & 3.  As for these, it's simply one additional button click (enter/select) after entering the channel number or the back button.  After a bit, this becomes second nature.  I actually like the fact that you are given several options for the "last channels" because sometimes I wish to go back to a previous recording, which is also available there, unlike Navigator.


In addition, you have the voice command option. Press one button (Mic) and say "Last channel", or the channel number you want, or the broadcaster - say CBS...

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