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Ignite service disconnecting every few minutes!!

I'm Here A Lot

Have the Ignite 1gig with tv and telephone since almost a year.  Suddenly 4 days ago, all my services started going down. The modem disconnects, TVs go black and then telephone goes down. The lights on the modem flash and essentially it reboots itself. After a bit, they all go back up. Now this happens about 50 times a day!!  Have spoken to several technical support agents who always tell me everything looks fine on their end.  A technician checked the outside hook up to house and deemed it fine. Was given a different modem but after setting it up was back to the intermittent disconnects. Have checked all the cable hookups, changed the power bar even changed the actual power outlet it’s hooked up to and nothing.... still the same. Today speaking to tech support again told nothing wrong on their end but while talking to him the modem rebooted 10 times and he was not able to do an update to my account! This is beyond frustrating and I have no idea how to get this resolved. Please need help!!!




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Re: Ignite service disconnecting every few minutes!!

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mine now does that my modem was upgraded by rogers and now with ignite tv constantly shuts off. im getting fed up ready to have rogers ignite tv removed. not worth the money

Re: Ignite service disconnecting every few minutes!!

I've Been Around

 Ignite modem keep resetting itself, at least 2-3 times during work hours!!!!


Re: Ignite service disconnecting every few minutes!!

Hello, @yyhe


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I know how important it is to have a stable internet connection especially if you are working from home. 😞


We need a bit more information to assist you better. Please provide us with the answers to the questions below along with any other details you can provide.


  • Can you confirm if the light on the top of the modem changes from solid white when the connection drops?
  • Can you describe how the modem is connected to power? Is it connected directly to the power socket in the wall?
  • Do the connectivity issues affect both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connected devices?


We look forward to hearing from you.





Re: Ignite service disconnecting every few minutes!!

This is an issue for me too. And often times when it comes back one of my TVs is stuck on a black screen and won’t load channels for audio/video. This is extremely frustrating and I’m ready to ditch Rogers at this point. We only switched to ignite from the old style Rogers (which atleast we had reliable cable tv!) because we were told the old style was outdated and didn’t have options to improve our pricing.

Re: Ignite service disconnecting every few minutes!!

Hi @Kah123,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums.


I can imagine how inconvenient disruptive service can be. We want to make sure we're able to resolve the connection issues for you. To get started can you please reply to the questions posted in the message right above yours?


Looking forward to hearing from you.